2/20 Sunday’s highlights: Premier League sickness, Leeds v Manchester United, crotch pulling art perhaps?

Yesterday the Japanese professional league opened, the overall state is general, several confident games but failed to take down, the hit rate is still low.Today is the collocation of Korean staff + Japanese b, still is all sweep, hope to have more harvest today!FC Gangwon, who were in the relegation battle last season, beat Daejeon to avoid relegation.The team has seen a number of defectors leave this season, including striker Vladimir Szilaghi, defender Rustamjon Asurmatov and midfielder Matja Lyuic, as well as local midfielder Shin Shi-il to Suwon FC and goalkeeper Lee Beom-soo to Jeonbuk Hyundai.And the intensity of the aid is relatively ordinary, so the overall capacity of Jiangyuan is weakened.Chengnan FC did not introduce targeted reinforcements on the front line this season, the team lost several main forces in the middle and back field, but now there are also substitutes, the overall level of the change is not big.The overall strength gap between the two sides is not big, last season, a win and a loss.Comparatively speaking, Seongnam is poor in the guest game, and Gangwon FC is not weak in the home game, so the outside world gives The concession to Gangwon 1. However, the current data is high, and it is not easy to win away with seongnam’s offensive ability, so I think this game may end up with a small score!Direction: Pyeong/Jangpyeong (pyeong), score: 1-0,1-1 Sunday 002: HanKUK Jeju Union VS POSCO (2022-02-20, 13:00) Sunday 030: Jangnegative (pyeong), score: 1-1,2,2The Okayama Pheasants have lost their main striker Tomoki Doori (13 goals, nearly a third of the team), but the overall effect is unknown.A fu fenglin last season to the third, the team offensive performance is the forefront of the day b level, but this season the team scoring main force went to three, the team goal ability must be greatly damaged, plus the team did not lead the action, this season a fu Fenglin is put rotten signs!The outside world to the data is also explained this point, only away from 0 concessions, completely unable to show a fu Fenglin day b third pull, so this field I think okayama green pheasant town home opportunity is greater!Sunday 031: Saevia Hitachida VS FC Ryukyu at 2022-02-20 13:00 Sunday 032: Sendai Tanabata VS Niigata Swans 2-12022-02-20 13:00 Direction: Let minus (minus), score: 1-2,0-2 Sunday 003: Serie A fiorentina vs Atalanta Match Time:Fiorentina’s attitude in the last few games has been quite obvious, 3-2 in the cup against Atalanta in the league, this revenge factor pulled the whole game!Atalanta’s recent form has been obvious, with Europa completing the comeback after a series of defeats, but it is also because of Europa that the team’s full strength in the league really remains to be seen.Looking at the top teams in Serie A, Atalanta’s hopes for a place in Europe are still a bit difficult, whether it is to grab points or revenge, the team should not be too low.Both sides play, this season fiorentina has been a double over Atalanta, the team must be very confident.Under this condition, the outside world still gave Atlanta the initial position of the first tier, must be a performance of confidence, so THIS game I still choose to be an Atlanta fan!Direction: draw/minus (minus), score: 1-2,1-1 Sunday 007: Espanyol vs Sevilla in La Liga match time: 2022-02-20 21:00 Direction: Jean Win (film), score: 1-1,2-1 Sunday 010: Leeds United in English Premier League match time:Leeds united are in a slump at the moment, the weak front and the hidden danger of the back line have a great impact on the team’s fighting ability, and Manchester United also have some injured players missing, but because the core players are still there, so the fighting ability is still guaranteed, and throughout the two sides in recent years, Manchester United’s advantage is obvious,Unbeaten in the last 5 games and won 4 times, this game is naturally confident.However, data is only a second level concession for Manchester United, and data is even more tempting. First of all, the depth of concession is a bit problematic in my opinion. In addition, Manchester United has a European Champions League mission in the next round, and some tactical arrangements in this match are completely possible, so I think we need to consider carefully.Direction: Let win (win), score: 2-1,1-1 Sunday 015: Valencia vs Barcelona 2022-02-20 23:15 Direction: lose (let draw), score: 1-2,0-1 Sunday 019: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Leicester CityAt present, the morale of both sides can be said to be a rise and a decline, Wolf team morale is currently in full bloom, while fox city is the front powerless plus the hidden danger of the back line, plus some of the injured absence, and just finished the European Cup, physical aspects of the team’s fighting effectiveness.Now the data for wolves good support, the follow-up trend is also good for the home team, so this game I think wolves will continue to score more chances!Direction: Sheng/Ping (Let Ping), score: 1-0,2-0

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