Remind!!!!Henan tomorrow night rain and snow, these preventive measures please do well

Big river network news (reporter Meng Yuan) although already spring, but still did not cast off the entwine of winter.February 15, reporters learned that henan is expected to usher in a new round of rain, snow and cooling weather in a wide range from 16th to 18th, the provincial emergency department reminded the public to take safety precautions.According to the weather forecast of 8 o ‘clock on February 15th, most of the province is expected to have a rain, snow and cooling weather process from the night of 16th to the 18th. From the night of 16th to the 17th, the central and western regions and southern regions will turn to moderate snow or sleet (heavy snow in mountainous areas).There will be light snow in most of the province and moderate snow in some parts of the south.Accumulative precipitation: 3 ~ 8 mm in the west and south, 0 ~ 1 mm in the north, 1 ~ 3 mm in other areas;The depth of snow in some parts of western and southern China is 2 to 6 cm.Affected by the continuous spread of cold air in North China, from 16th to 17th, the northeast wind in the whole province will be about level 4.From 16th to 18th, the highest temperature in the province dropped to 1 ~ 4℃, 6 ~ 8℃ lower than the previous period.A new round of rain and snow to cool the weather, these preventive measures can not be less for rain and snow, wind, cooling will bring adverse impact on public life, travel, etc., the provincial emergency department reminded the public to do a good job of preventive measures to avoid accidents.1. The government and relevant departments should take precautions against rain, snow and cooling weather according to their duties, pay close attention to weather changes and timely release early warning information.2. When traveling, the public should pay attention to the weather and road conditions, keep warm, carry rain gear and pay attention to traffic safety.3. Low temperature weather, electricity consumption and gas consumption increase, the majority of residents should pay attention to timely check the safety of electricity lines and related facilities.When using natural gas for cooking, heating and taking a bath, pay attention to keeping ventilation, and often check whether the pipes and valves are safe without air leakage to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards.4. The production and business operation units shall implement safety precautions, strengthen the management of electrical equipment and circuits, and prevent electrical accidents;Tower cranes, scaffolding, billboards and other reinforcement work should be done at construction sites to prevent accidents caused by high winds and low temperatures.5. All relevant departments should strengthen emergency guard to ensure unimpeded communication and timely reporting of information.In case of emergencies, timely disposal.

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