Sword net three send Spring Festival adventure?Tace player: this mount you gave me, can it ride freely?

Hello, babes, welcome to Sword Net 3 Secret Elements.Recently, jianwang3 made a cover, but the result was limited to receive, players have joked: why only the cover, don’t you give us money together!As a result, Guo weiwei sent a message saying that he would send a 100% triggered new adventure to everyone.It looks like a fun ride with a lion dance theme, but I don’t know if It can be galloped.People at least…Should not be.Like the previous adventures related activities, this adventure also needs to be opened through the check-in “Tianwen Treasure box”, although not sure of the specific rules of this activity, but in previous years there will always be someone to sign in the trumpet above….When the time comes a large 13 times not out of adventure qualifications, that iron on the trumpet……So when you check in, you have to remember to see which number you give.At present, sword three has three kinds of adventure related activities, the first one is the highest voice of the player “Fang Tianshui mirror”, can be in most of the ordinary adventure, such as shaohua, cherish the past, the wind catching king, tiger roaring forest, purgatory chef, etc., any one to open.Mirror and 11W qualifications adventure book difference, only missing a black and white road option.The second is to find a cat, limited time activities, when the online to send, in the village of dongshuizhai and the major staff incarnation of the NPC chat, reward lovely with pet cats, there is no other trigger source.And the third time is going out of the celebration dance night, sword three brothers can place, something he is really up.This time, considering that during the Spring Festival, many people have to go home to visit relatives and friends, as well as rework after the New Year, although there is a whole month’s free time, they may not have time to play games every day. According to weibo, the check-in time will not be too tight, so there is no need to worry about this problem.But!Would you rather have an adventure than give us mirrors? Whoo-hoo.But thank you sword three free to send fang Tianshui mirror, although not yet got, but thank you first, always not hair?You’re not that mean, are you?!

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