AKIRA when the father of the first appearance, breaking Lin Zhiling surrogacy rumors, seeking hard zhiling never give up

Lin Zhiling has hardly been seen since her marriage, but during this Spring Festival, he officially announced the good news to everyone that her status has been upgraded from a wife to a mother. During the Spring Festival, she gave birth to a cute boy.But then there were only rumors, even online rumors that Lin Zhiling did not give birth to the child herself, but to find a surrogate. Although Lin Zhiling denied the rumor in a side response, it did not stop the spread of rumors.On Feb 11, Yoshihei Kurosawa caused a stir when he made a rare comment about his family while attending an event for a watch brand.Although the press conference is online mode, but you can also see kurosawa Ryohei’s joy as a new father.And in this interview, Kurozawa Ryohei’s state has also changed a lot, it can be seen that as a father, he moved to add a lot of responsibility and maturity.He also expressed his hard work and thanks to his wife Lin Zhiling.In addition, Blackpool LiangPing also said he and Lin from getting married to have children in the process, met with many difficulties and problems, these is, every family will experience himself and Lin is not exceptional also, Blackpool LiangPing praised his wife, said Lin in the face of these problems, never wanted to give up, always keep the hope.Kurozawa Liangping also said his wife Lin Zhiling in the process of keeping a fetus is very hard, but also let him see the great mother.During this period, he also took care of Lin Chi-ling wholeheartedly, and learned to cook soup again. Even after the baby was born, he often got up at night to take care of the baby.There are also reporters asked him whether the baby is more like him or like Lin Zhiling more, Kurozawa Ryohei said the two people are like, but also revealed that his son is very cute.In fact, the marriage of two people, has not been good for the outside world, and even said that Lin Zhiling’s choice is wrong, but now from the performance of the black zer Liangping can see that he is really a considerate husband, will also be a good father in the future.From Kurozawa Ryohei, this reporter interview can also be seen that he is responding to the rumors about Lin Zhiling surrogacy before, but there are still some netizens said why is their own pregnancy, but do not want to post pregnancy photos to break the rumor?Some netizens also said that Lin zhiling is not young, so she must have been very careful to protect her pregnancy, so the pregnancy photos are not that important to her.Kurozawa Ryohei also said in an interview, the child’s hard-won, now it is also got what we want, we congratulate them on their success for a family of three.

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