Fierce “tiger” descend the potential of the sixth generation of explorers for you crazy “lucky” luck!

In fact, many people aspire to achieve higher goals in the New Year.Whether it’s furthering our career, fulfilling a relationship, or satisfying a hunger for the unknown, we look forward to the New Year with great anticipation.However, the realization of higher goals cannot be achieved alone. A partner who leads you through obstacles and creates a path for you is indispensable to achieving higher goals in life!As the founder of SUV for 80 years and the world’s leading flagship SUV master for 30 years, the sixth generation of Ford Explorer has the confidence to stand out from its peers!Now order the sixth generation of Ford Explorer, “Changfu Linmen Festival” to help you harvest “high value”, C-NCAP (Chinese new car evaluation procedures) “five-star” standard and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) “Safe choice” standard authoritative certification of good cars!The sixth generation Ford Explorer combines the three strengths of confident driving and control, ambitious design and smart technology. It has a golden ratio of over 5 meters, 6 square meters of cockpit space, and pure American land luxury yacht design. It will shock the audience when it comes on the stage!Generous KING SIZE starry cabin, panoramic skylight of about 1.1㎡, 25 inches * double full-color LCD screen, make the journey as deep as a paradise of enjoyment.The class leading CD6 longitudinal rear-drive platform gives the sixth generation Ford Explorer absolute power!2.3 TEcoBoost?Engine with a new 10 speed manual transmission, 7.6 seconds over 100 km speed, enjoy the passion of acceleration!5.9m turning radius, accurate driving control comparable to the sedan, excellent precision performance!1700MPa cold quenched martensitic steel with high strength body, make movement and handling further, enjoy travel safety!The unique terrain management system of “six models and four wisdom” at the same level gives the sixth generation Of Ford Explorers the confidence to follow my path!The six modes of standard, economy, sport, anti-skid, snow sand and rough road can be automatically switched according to the real-time road conditions and the intention of the owner, so that you can walk on the ground in the face of any complex road conditions!Intelligent four-wheel drive based on the rear drive platform can achieve 0% : 100% torque distribution to 50% : 50% torque distribution, bringing unparalleled control and stability, take you to adapt, break through obstacles!The sixth generation Ford Explorer is equipped with forward-looking smart technology to make travel easier.Ford Co-Pilot 360TM Chi Heng Driver Assistance System and SYNC?+ Zhixing entertainment system, 8 functions voice control, so that the driving full of temperature.The loading of “Ford Blue Friend”, endowed with SYNC?+ More humane temperature.”Ford Blue Friend” is a very dynamic and technological blue energy ring image, it can complete a variety of intelligent interaction, such as voice, gesture, chat with you, and according to big data analysis to constantly learn your preferences, but also with different personification of different driving scenarios, realize the function of your intelligent cockpit!For some owners of friends, the level of air quality in the car is easy to affect them.The sixth generation Ford Explorer is equipped with the upgraded AAR Intelligent Xinfeng system, which is equipped with the in-car PM2.5 air purification system to monitor the in-car air quality index in real time and restore the “forest oxygen bar” in real time, so that the in-car air is fresher and the good mood of drivers is always the same.”Adventure spirit” has been imprinted in our blood, career, emotion and other unknown, are the goal of our exploration.The picture of life is ordinary, because you have not colored it!The sixth generation ford Explorer will lead you to paint a colorful picture of life, lead you to lead the next new life environment, lead you to pilot 2022!Life story, waiting for an explorer to show up!The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022

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