Folk experience, burning the winter Olympics, such winter vacation life walk “new” more “heart”

Winter vacation, is the continuation of campus life, is colorful life lessons.The first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, without the usual full of extracurricular tutoring, get rid of the standard homework round “bombing”, Shanghai Jiading District Xincheng Experimental Primary school geese how to make this holiday meaningful and interesting?Folk experience, burning the winter Olympics, playing science, wisdom practice…The geese incarnate small geese, small geese, small ling geese, small geese, so that this winter holiday has become wonderful, full of fun.Celebrating the Spring Festival is the most important thing during the winter vacation.Look!Under the guidance of instructors, teachers or parents, the small geese followed the customs in recent years and had a unique Chinese New Year.Grade one and two small goose with the lens and brush to draw a piece of work about the Spring Festival, the good hope for the New Year into it.My brothers and sisters in grade three wrote Spring Festival couplets, cut window cuts, and made tiger lanterns, and recorded these beautiful moments in the form of composition.With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in full swing, geese have been staying in Shanghai to enjoy the spectacle.Some in front of the screen to watch the Winter Olympic Games, cheer for The Chinese players!Some learn to sing the theme song “together to the future”, with the song for the Winter Olympic athletes refueling!There are parents led into the ice rink, learning skiing, skating and other sports skills, experience a snow and ice sports charm!· Play science music to explore the scientific world, broad and profound, graceful and novel.This winter holiday, some of the geese, accompanied by their parents, walked into the science and technology venues around them and launched a science and technology journey.Some listened to the “Science open course” taught by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and gained a lot of scientific knowledge.Experience happiness “24 points” can not be difficult to the small geese!They strategize, each brilliant, have come to the end of 24.Some study “score”, some play English dubbing and some build jiading characteristic buildings…The small geese can do anything!In order to implement the “Family Education Promotion Law” and create a large-scale education pattern of cooperation between home, school and society, Xincheng Experimental Primary School designed a series of innovative and interesting “fancy” holiday homework from the perspective of children, focusing on thematic comprehensive practice activities and linking real life and practical learning.Let students become a little writer, a little mathematician, a little translator, a little athlete, a little scientist, a little artist, and so on. At the same time, combined with the Traditional Chinese festivals, let the winter vacation emit a thick flavor of the New Year, inherit the excellent traditional culture together, promote the five education simultaneously, and really “reduce the burden” for students.Parents have a common personal experience: “this year’s winter vacation homework will study practice and holiday life closely integrated, children’s hands-on practice ability, physical exercise ability and housework ability have been improved.””Parent-child interaction more time, activities more flexible arrangements, such winter vacation homework, go ‘new’ more ‘heart’.”

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