These cleansers help to balance the skin’s oil and water balance, reduce the growth of blackheads, and reduce tension after washing

These cleansers can help balance the skin’s oil and water balance, reduce the growth of blackheads, and make it less tight after washing!Huayuji Amino acid Cleansing milk Efficacy:Filling water Deeply clean and relaxed carry bright color of skin Improve blain blain the flowers already set amino acid cleanser, the light of the air by people, and as a makeup kandy cleansing foam cleanser, it is the small molecules of amino acids can probe into the deep pores, absorption pore impurities, thoroughly clean pores, clean enough and does not hurt the skin, can prevent blain blain.Rich in goat milk and nano pearl powder ingredients, not only good cleaning effect, but also balance water and oil, clean acne and mite, convergence pores, blackheads and close acne, whitening and tender skin!Mild does not stimulate sensitive muscle available for pregnant women!This cleanser, when squeezed out, produces a rich and dense foam that not only removes old horniness but also balances oil and water, leaving skin moisturized and smooth after washing.Another thing I really like is that it can be used directly to remove light makeup, which is very friendly to me as an office worker.Pure amino acid formula does not contain any soap base, about a month of use time, pores clean and delicate a lot, blackhead acne is much less, the skin is more and more white, let me easily have water light muscle.VIDIVICI goddess cleansing milk reference price: 128 yuan before was a cleansing screen is super super very easy to use!After pulling weeds, I found that I was right!The title of affordable fragrant grandma is not for nothing.The texture of the face is paste, gently massage after there will be a lot of foam out, smell very good, like Chanel, after washing the face of water embellish brightening effect is very obvious, the effect to the thumb.Muscle research embellish coix seed extremely clean cleanser reference price: 70 RMB / 100 g muscle shes very smooth lotion is director of the shopping must be sold to Japan, one of the item which extremely embellish series deep cleansing facial cleanser, director of the impression is very deep, accidental one take a back, found that a bubble is very good job, and a hint of herbs.Before the director also used other brands of acne muscle special cleansing milk, but because of the emphasis on cleansing, will feel very tight face after washing.And this also main applies to the acne muscle extremely embellish series cleanser, after washing completely not tight, and there is a certain moisturizing power, so the director is usually used in the M period before and after.Feeling after washing: not tight after washing, acne can also relieve the ke Run-moistening dip moisturizing clean color foam Ke Run is a flagship brand of Japan Kao “dry sensitive skin” applicable, gentle care is it has been the word of mouth.Because director does not like to use discharge makeup oil quite normally, the discharge makeup gels to its home so, director is fondle admiringly, and had used several.This is the facial mousse I saw when I bought something in Japan. I bought it with the mentality of washing and watching.It’s a lifesaving way to get up in the morning and go to work in time without having to make your own bubbles.The amount of bubbles is quite delicate with only a slight squeeze, but usually the director will squeeze 2-3 times to fill the cheeks with bubbles.Feeling after washing: it is not dry and tight after washing, and it is very convenient to wash your face without spending time rubbing bubbles

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