Is it still necessary to return jiufu after the settlement of picC

No need.1. Picc compensation is equivalent to the change of creditor’s rights, and it is enough to pay picC back. Meanwhile, picC will call for debt on a regular basis.It is worth noting that the balance of jiufu wan card was in danger after compensation, the user must first confirm whether the arrears in the APP is still out, and then call helped the company confirm compensatory time and the amount of compensation, in determining the amount that’s right, return the balance of be compensatory parts to preserve the company, at the same time to make them issue a certificate of settlement.2 compensation is more serious than overdue consequences, if the amount of compensation is larger, longer time, serious case, it is possible to be sued, so the borrower must repay on time.The compensation of Jiufu Wanka insurance will seriously affect the personal credit investigation of users.The records of insurance compensation will be uploaded to the credit investigation system, which has a great impact on individual credit.3. Jiufu Wanka is a personal digital credit information and management APP launched by Jiufu Group.After registration, you can apply for a credit check.Once approved, the applicant will receive a credit limit.After receiving the credit, users can make credit shopping in Jiufu Wanka Mall, and enjoy the advanced treatment of consumption before payment. Through the advance credit line consumption, there is no immediate payment, but only repayment on schedule.

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