Number one in the world!China took nearly half of the industry’s orders, with shipments scheduled until 2025

In 2022, China’s shipbuilding industry will continue the hot market of 2021 and get off to a strong start again. In Shanghai, the major shipbuilding industry in China, jiangnan Shipbuilding, Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding and Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, the three large ships under China State Shipbuilding Corporation, achieved a “good start” in January by breaking the monthly record in terms of new ship order amount and completion amount.China’s new ship orders for the world’s first month Ship enterprise with full production In Shanghai waigaoqiao shipyard, the reporter is building is behind the two 21 ton bulk carrier, ongoing hull structures, and on the other side of the dock, a bulk carrier and a fulla o ship have equipment debugging, will complete the delivery in the near future.It is understood that at present, the shipyard and the dock of the whole factory synchronously built 12 ships, capacity is in full load operation state.Zhang Qipeng, Vice General Manager of Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding co., LTD. : Compared with the order we received in 2020, the amount of 2021 waigaoqiao will be more than three times.So far, the company has orders for about 60 ships, 7.5 million DWT, with delivery scheduled for 2024.A 24,000 TEU super large container ship is being assembled at the Hudong China Shipyard in Shanghai on Feb. 14.It is also the largest container ship in the world.It is understood that Hudong Zhonghua currently has 57 hand-held orders, worth up to 68 billion yuan, which is double that of 2020, and the delivery cycle has been arranged to 2025.In order to speed up the production pace, all departments of the shipyard are constantly improving efficiency. In the steel plate processing workshop of Hudong Zhonghua, the cutting and welding production line is busy. An automated assembly line is also running at full capacity.Clarkson’s latest data shows that global orders for new vessels in January were 3.07 million revised gross tonnage (CGT), up 72 percent from the previous month, with China taking the top position with 1.47 million revised gross tonnage (CGT) orders, accounting for 48 percent.As of early February this year, China’s shipbuilding industry has handled 96.85 million DWT orders, accounting for 46.9 percent of the global market share.Yan Hai, chief analyst of Shenwan Hongyuan Transportation logistics Industry: Because the last shipbuilding peak accelerated in 2003 and reached the peak in 2011, we calculate the replacement cycle of 20 to 25 years, and the replacement demand of shipbuilding prosperity will also accelerate in 2024.The epidemic actually caused some orders to appear in 2021 in advance. Now that the slipway is relatively full, the capacity utilization rate of the shipyard will remain at a high level even if the order quantity of new ships drops slightly, and the price of new ships is also in a situation of easy rise but not fall.The proportion of carbon reduction and environmental protection ship types in the transformation from large ship enterprises to middle and high-end ship enterprises orders doubled, the slipway turned from empty to full, the prosperity of the industry chain from the upstream shipping industry to the shipbuilding industry.What new technologies and features have emerged in this new shipbuilding cycle?Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard delivered the world’s first 209,000-ton Newcastle dual-fuel bulk carrier to Singapore EPS on January 28. The vessel is powered by both LIQUEFIED natural gas (LNG) and conventional fuel oil, and is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks with a gas range of 20,000 nautical miles.In LNG-fueled mode, the ship has virtually eliminated particulate and sulphide emissions and achieved an energy efficiency design index reduction of 41% compared to baseline, meeting IMO Stage 4 specifications.Meanwhile, Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard also received a construction order for six 174,000 cubic meter LNG vessels in January, with a total value of 7.5 billion yuan, setting a record for the highest one-time contract for LNG vessels in China.Chen Jun, General manager of Hudong China Shipping Co., LTD. : With the implementation of the dual carbon policy, more and more ship owners are paying attention to these carbon reduction schemes.Large LNG carriers, including large container ships, are now using these dual-fuel methods.This year’s orders are about 45 percent for LNG vessels.Energy conservation and environmental protection requirements have contributed to the global demand for new ship orders, and many Chinese shipyards have also introduced green ship models.In January, Shanghai’s three large shipping enterprises received a total of 18 new orders for 6 types of ships, all of which belong to high added value medium and high-end ships. It is imperative for shipping enterprises to transform to medium and high-end ships.Editor: Shen Yan

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