This custody hearing has a hearing.

Yichang, February 17 (reporter Tian Jiankou) In order to implement the criminal justice policy of carefully prosecuting and carefully arresting according to law, the Procuratorate of the Three Gorges Dam Area of Yichang city, Hubei Province, on suspicion of theft of two criminal suspects held a detention hearing, listen to the opinions of all parties.Suspects Yang mou, Li mou since the end of October 2021, has six times in Hubei a new material Co., Ltd. construction site warehouse theft cable tail material, after selling stolen money more than 20,000 yuan.On November 22, 2021, Yang mou, Li Mou to the company theft, was captured by the public security police scene, and detained in Yichang City first detention center.Approaching the Spring Festival of 2022, the defense lawyers of the two suspects respectively submitted an application for the review of the necessity of detention to the court. After the review, the prosecutor decided to invite representatives of the people’s Congress, people’s supervisors and social representatives to conduct detention hearings.Hearing, to undertake the prosecutor to introduce participants to the cases of basic situation, sentencing plot and related laws and regulations, investigators suspect this paper introduces the investigation of the case and in the process of the public security organs investigation attitude expressed remorse, defense lawyer expounds the reason to apply for compulsory measures of change, the murdered unit case illustrates the damage and deal with published opinions, the hearing officerSupplementary questions were asked on doubtful questions.After fully comment, the parties agree that the case can change the focus of the compulsory measures is that two of the suspects can compensate victims unit of the classics to undertake the prosecutor, defender and murdered unit in hearing compensation agreement, on behalf of the criminal suspects’ families compensate the victims unit of the on site got murdered unit of understanding.Later, the hearing officer went to the evaluation room to evaluate the case.On the basis of the public hearing, the procurator in charge made a decision in accordance with the law, and informed the hearers one by one of the decision results, and did a good job of explanation.

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