Bocog does not have performance indicators for Chinese athletes

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 7 (reporter Dong Yixing, Ji Ye, he Leijing)Yang Shuan, vice president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games (BOCOG), said at a press conference on Thursday that there is no specific performance target for Chinese athletes at the Upcoming Winter Olympic Games.”From the perspective of boCOG, we care about all athletes, not just Chinese athletes.We hope all the athletes can go through the competition to create excellent results.”Yang Shu ‘an said.”There is an important tradition in the Olympic movement of participation, not ranking.In this Winter Olympics, many athletes have created excellent results, not because they have broken Olympic records or won gold MEDALS, but because they have made great progress compared with themselves.It’s also a success for the athletes.”Meanwhile, Yang shuan said there is no clear performance index for Chinese athletes in this Winter Olympics.”We want athletes to get clean gold MEDALS, law-abiding gold MEDALS, sportsmanship gold MEDALS, not the specific amount of each event.””Of course, we hope Chinese athletes can achieve good results.”He said.Qinghai Daily (February 08, 2022, 5th edition: Beijing Winter Olympics) statement: The above content, except for the source of the original qinghai Daily, is strictly prohibited reprint without written permission!

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