Who is the original singer of the Wall of Hearts?

The original singer of the song “Wall of Heart” is Lin Chaxin, a Female singer from Taiwan.1. “Heart Wall” is a song composed by Jj Lin, lyric by Ruolong Yao, and first sung by Chaxin Lin. It was first released in 2005 as an episode of The Taiwanese TV series Dolphin Falls in Love with A Cat.2. Cecil Lam is a Chinese pop singer and film actress.She started her singing career by singing songs “Hold on” and “For You” for the TV drama “The Wire” in 2004.Lin Caixin is a singing and dancing singer, her appearance is sweet, her voice is very clear and penetrating.She is an excellent original singer with abundant songwriting energy, and her unique creation brings moving songs to the audience.Lam’s other songs are “Raindrops on a Sunny Day”, “I Love You Without Too many Reasons”, “Secret Love”, “This Is It”, “The Kite Runner”, “Love Me Like Before”, “Too Late to See You again” and “Like Me”.

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