99.8 yuan for a box of oysters in a supermarket?!Quanzhou City market supervision bureau emergency intervention

99.80 yuan for a box of oysters?!Quanzhou City Market Supervision Bureau quickly organized inspection and verification of law enforcement officers found that the supermarket in the sale of small oysters labeled “small oystercatcher/box 10.98 yuan”, did not see the display of sales labeled “oyster/box 99.80 yuan”.According to the supermarket, head – “small non” and “oyster”, different price for different category of fresh goods, today because the staff error, the photo shows little non labeled “oyster/box of 99.80 yuan” label, management researchers found that after correction in time, but before that should have put the camera on the box of non small photograph or video,And then upload it online.The law enforcement officers on the spot checked the sales records of the supermarket — on March 24, the price of small oysters was 10.98 yuan/box (sold out by the end of the inspection), and no sales records of “small oysters” or “raw oysters” of 99.8 yuan/box were found.In the store’s sales records from June 2021 to March 24, 2022, only June 2021 has the sales record of “oyster”, the price is 99.8 yuan/box.Quanzhou city market supervision and administration of quanzhou city thank netizens friends concern, support the epidemic prevention and control during the market price for steady work, welcome the masses of netizens friends participate in the market price supervision, also please netizen friends not rumors, do not believe a rumor, tale, with price, quality, food safety issues, such as can dial “12315” hotline to reflect,We will deal with the feedback in time!Source: Southeast Morning Post

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