CAI Xukun attended the event battle!Hundreds of security guards to do “human wall”, netizens: anti fans

It is well known that celebrities in the entertainment industry often attend brand events to promote their products and increase their exposure.As a popular male star in the entertainment circle, CAI Xukun is very popular, and he has many brands to endorse.Despite his busy schedule, CAI also finds time to attend brand events.Recently, some netizens posted photos of CAI attending an event in Sanya.From the photos, we can see that this is in a large shopping mall, the platform of the brand has been prepared, and many audiences are standing around.But a closer look shows that around the platform, the elevators are full of security personnel, at least hundreds of them.The security guards stood in front of the audience, forming a “human wall” and looking imposing.It’s normal for popular stars to have security around them, but not too many. After all, just a few dozen security guards are enough for ordinary activities.But according to Internet users, there were 300 security guards at the scene, which was too much.Some netizens do not understand this, only fans can go to see the stars, so much security is to prevent fans?Do you think fans are crazy and will do bad things?Security isn’t just for excited fans, it’s also for bystanders.After all, people are curious. If they can see a star, they will take a look.The personal safety of stars is very important, especially popular stars.Once there is any problem, it is likely to delay the follow-up activities, only liquidated damages is a huge number.Then there’s the fact that celebrity downtime affects not only their own work and income, but also the entire team.So celebrities usually pay attention to these things, let alone appearing in public.Another advantage of having more security personnel is that they can attract onlookers.Some unknown artists hire security guards at their own expense to create the illusion of popularity.However, there are also disadvantages. If they fail to attract passers-by and their popularity is not high enough, there will be an embarrassing situation where there are more security guards than spectators.Of course, CAI as a popular male star is not necessary to do so.He is an idol, the most is not lack of fans, every time there is an event is popular.The 300-person security team is a bit of an exaggeration, but it may have been hired by the brand to maintain order.After all, when the security arrived, CAI Xukun has not appeared.In fact, no matter how many celebrities are surrounded by security, the crowd should be reasonable.Do not cut in line, do not push, be a polite person.If you are a fan, you should pay more attention to your behavior. After all, your idol is on the stage.Idols and fans should encourage each other and move forward together to make themselves a better talent pair.

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