Failed to seize the family estate?Zhang Jizhong took his son to drive with dignity and walk in a good condition

Zhang Jizhong took his family to Sanya to play, it is said that in order to win the favor of his wife, and his wife riding on the beach, to create a romantic atmosphere, but accidentally fell off the horse, head hit a stone, fainted on the spot, was rushed to the hospital.But his social media platform continues to update his works every day, to clarify what is said online are rumors, in order to prove that he is healthy, Zhang Jizhong specially posted a video with his son drag racing, looking majestic.According to the video, Zhang jizhong’s family is still in Sanya, and both zhang and his son are wearing short-sleeved shorts. Zhang Jizhong is dressed in a black sports outfit and wearing sunglasses. Although his hair and beard are gray, he looks very cool driving a racing car.Two people driving a Barbie pink kart, this old and young with so tender color, the contrast is very big, feeling very cute, to protect the safety of his son, wearing a green helmet, was zhang Jizhong in his arms.The son is very good in his father’s arms, Zhang Jizhong another hand holding the steering wheel of the kart, galloping on the track, look at the mental state is very good, not like falling off the horse injury.According to the daily life videos zhang shared, he is still very young. Although he is already 70 years old, he can still hold a baby with one hand and has a strong sense of strength, which is completely different from people of his age.Some netizens came across Zhang Jizhong and saw him holding a baby with one hand and still walking with a healthy gait, with ink mirroring the martial arts overlord, wearing a bathrobe should be to soak in a hot spring.Although Zhang Jizhong’s figure looks a little fat, but feel very strong muscles, married to a 31-year-old younger wife, I think usually must also exercise, keep healthy.Du Xinglin with Zhang Jizhong behind, has been lower head to play mobile phone, from the front of the user to leave quickly, see Zhang Jizhong’s physical condition is still very good, netizens laugh at Du Xinglin’s family property plan failed.Since zhang Jizhong spread love, there are a lot of people ridicule Du Xinglin online, feel that her purpose is not simple, a young girl should find a 31-year-old husband than their own, it is true love credibility is not high.It is known that Zhang Jizhong has directed several very famous plays before, and there are certain assets naturally, Du Xinglin married to him is inevitably not suspected to be directed at the family property.After zhang Jizhong fell off his horse, Du Xinglin did not clarify the rumors for the first time, but happily took a video with his son, so it will be suspected that Du Xinglin has seized the family property plan.Although the two age gap is very big, but has been with practical action to prove that their feelings will not be interfered by the outside world, two people have two children, I hope That Zhang Jizhong can take care of the body, the family is always so happy.

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