Hardcover room price, buy back is roughcast room

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily news on February 20 (article/video all media reporter Yang Yu) “if it were not for the other building owners accidentally talk about the price, we how did not think, the same raw housing than the next building to buy the average price per square meter expensive 1000 yuan, inquiry housing information just know, we this building in the living department for approval is hardcover room.”On February 18, Yongzhou Mr. Li complained to Sanxiang Metropolis daily that he bought a commercial house in Ningyuan County century Hui · Xi Yuan residential area, and also confiscated the house to prepare with another 45 owners to Sue developers, “hope developers can return the corresponding fine decoration money.”(Mr. Li to sanxiang Metropolis daily complaints reflect, he bought the price of hardcover room yongzhou Ningyuan County century hui xi Yuan residential area of the rough housing, hope developers can refund the decoration part of the price difference.”In 2018, considering that this is a school district house and the location is good, I bought it through teeth, but I haven’t delivered the house yet.When the owner talked about the house price in the wechat group, he found that he had spent 100,000 yuan more than he deserved.”Mr. Li told reporters, century hui · Xi Park is located in Yongzhou Ningyuan County Jiuqi Avenue, convenient transportation, surrounded by schools, is the local heart of the golden lot.”We are B2 building, B1 building next door is the same as us, are raw housing, housing at the same time, but their average purchase price is 4980 yuan/square meter, we are 5980 yuan.Unexpectedly learned that the price gap, Mr. Li and other B2 building owners to the local residential construction department inquiry, was told that B2 building reported for hardcover room, “no wonder the same house price expensive out so much, expensive is fine decoration.Instead, we got the same raw building.”For this, owners look for development to discuss a view, the problem was not solved tardy however.On November 22, 2021, Ningyuan County Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau made the relevant “Handling Opinion” and replied that “after checking, Ningyuan County Shijihui B2 commercial house was developed by Ningyuan County Dongfang Chuangfu Real Estate Development Co., LTD., and the building was issued with the pre-sale license of commercial house on December 4, 2018.The record type of commercial housing is fine decoration housing, the average price of the declaration fine decoration record is 5980 yuan/square meter.After that, developers did not truthfully explain to the owners of the purchase of pre-sale commercial housing is fine decoration housing record facts, external to the standard of rough housing sales publicity, signing and housing.In this regard, the bureau believes that developers should refund part of the cost of hardcover, due to the understanding of both sides of the purchase contract there are differences, whether there is cheating, can be solved through judicial channels.”Subsequently, 46 owners sued the developer to the Ningyuan County People’s Court, asking the court to order the developer to refund part of the fine decoration costs.Deputy lawyer Guangdong legal Shengbang law firm senior partner Deng Guohua introduced, after the local housing department confirmed that there are nearly 100 owners involved in the building, according to the size of the housing area, to 1000 yuan/square meter difference as the standard, each owner of the amount of money back between 100,000 to 130,000.”Since the developer has reported to the housing department that it is a hardcover house, it needs to be delivered according to the standard, or it should return the corresponding proportion of the purchase price.”Deng Guohua thinks.As a matter of fact, similar incidents have also occurred. On December 18, 2020, our newspaper reported that the developer of FATEk Wanjia Residential area in Changsha county signed a supplementary agreement with the relevant owners to refund the decoration money at the request of the housing and construction department.Developers: whether there is fraud, to the court judgment as the reporter contact Ningyuan County Oriental chuangfu real estate development Co., LTD., the company’s deputy manager Wang Yongqing admitted that there is indeed a false report to the construction department, but there are reasons for doing so.”At that time, just out of the housing price limit policy, if the raw housing declaration, the price limit (average price) in more than 4,000 yuan per square meter.”Wang Yongqing said, B2 looks like the average price per square meter up 1000 yuan, the actual price per square meter up several hundred yuan.Add price rise and so on factor, with raw housing to sell, will undoubtedly lose money.It is out of such consideration, just to live to build a branch to prepare hardcover room.”We signed the contract with the owners, are written rough housing delivery, there is no cheating.”Wang Yongqing said, now the relevant case has been tried, as to whether there is cheating?The court s ruling said, We will return the hardcover only if the court decides that we are guilty of fraud or unjust enrichment.Ningyuan county people’s Court has opened a court session to hear the case, will be sentenced.This newspaper will continue to monitor the situation.

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