Jiuquan Jiyuan Great Wall Hafer H9 discount up to 5,000 yuan

Year of the Tiger celebrate New Year, auspicious yuan amplification ceremony!Jiuquan Jiyuan HAfu 4S shop to buy a car to enjoy a gift, where in the local car users all models can enjoy 6 years of 18 basic maintenance and 6 years of 200, 000 kilometers long warranty, so that your car to enjoy non-general protection.At the same time, you can also enjoy cash and decoration discount.The store now sells hafer god Beast, Hafer H6S, Hafer big dog, the third generation of Hafer H6, H6 country tide edition, M6Plus, Hafer red rabbit, Hafer H9 whole series of products, more value purchase gift.In-store models can enjoy replacement subsidies and financial subsidies, in the store for financial can enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest and 0 monthly payment, loan term can be up to 60, let you loan without worry repayment pressure!!Apply for a loan only id card driver’s license can, 2 hours to approve the car, the same day you can drive your car home!At the same time, we also have replacement service, your old car can not only be evaluated free of charge in the local, but also can enjoy the corresponding replacement subsidy of 11000 yuan, let you happy to the store, full satisfaction to go home!!

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