Li Ku visited the frontline staff during the Spring Festival

On January 31, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and acting County Head Li Kuo visited the county’s special team for epidemic prevention and control, Xinyuan Power Plant, east Crossing of Simalu Road sanitation workers, and Caimen traffic police on Leigong Road to visit the frontline staff and send them sincere greetings and best wishes for the Spring Festival.Deputy county magistrate Li Nan condolences together.In the county special class for epidemic prevention and control, Li Kuo had a detailed look at the on-duty system and the bulletin board of leaders.I wish all the staff of the epidemic prevention and control team a happy New Year, good health and a happy family.Li stressed that we must resolutely overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, unswervingly implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, dynamically and accurately grasp the flow of key places and key personnel, and do a good job in control and scheduling.He urged the county to faithfully perform its duties, earnestly implement the Spring Festival on-duty system and epidemic prevention and control responsibilities, firmly guard the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements, and protect the health and safety of people in the county.At the xinyuan Power Plant dispatch center, Li Kuo sent his New Year greetings to the frontline staff on duty, wishing everyone a happy New Year and all the best.He also affirmed xinyuan Power Plant’s resolute implementation of the requirements of the county Party Committee and the county government to escort the supply of heat. Li Kuo stressed that the Spring Festival is the peak period of heat supply, which is related to the vital interests of the people. We should always pay attention to the weather changes, ensure the safe operation of equipment, and let the people of the county have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.In four east road cross sanitation worker ZhiQinDian, li ask for details of a line of expanding unattended condition and working condition, he points out, workers for the county made positive contributions to clean sanitation, guarantee the majority of residents clean and comfortable holiday, thanks for their hard work, to send you greetings,I wish them a happy New Year, good health and a happy family.On behalf of the county Party Committee and the county government, Li Kuo sent sincere greetings and New Year’s greetings to the traffic police on leigong Road, wishing everyone good health, smooth work, family happiness and all the best.He pointed out that in the past year, the public security traffic police in the epidemic prevention and control and flood control work made a positive contribution, in the New Year to continue to carry forward the selfless dedication, stick to the front-line posts, solid and meticulous to do a good job of the security work, to ensure that the county people have a safe and happy Spring Festival.Editor: Xi Rongrong First instance: Wang Xiaojuan final instance: Wang Xingxin

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