Sick baby by train transfer hospital treatment!Shijiazhuang station for life escort

Yanzhao evening news (reporters Ma Dong correspondent Xiao-jing hou) early morning of February 19, shijiazhuang railway station xin bridge caring service got a call from the provincial children’s hospital medical staff, have a born only a little more than a month G1959 train babies need transferred to nanjing for treatment, because the baby is complicated, need medical personnel to the escort.Xinqiao Love Zone immediately after receiving the notice according to the situation of the site to formulate an exclusive pick up plan, to protect life.7, the ambulance arrived at shijiazhuang station south it romantic, love already waiting outside the area staff immediately to assist medical staff handling medical equipment, adjust the stretcher and equipment, inform waiting in 7 a wicket attendant passenger steward and platform, the entire open a green channel, we cooperate with each other well from spreading, from the station to get on the bus takes only 3 minutes.Then, the love area duty officer and conductor handover, passengers to assist medical staff to transport medical equipment on the bus.According to the provincial children’s Hospital medical staff, the hospital had previously contacted shijiazhuang Railway station Xinqiao love service area, an infant patient was transferred to the hospital through the railway escort, after the case surgery was very smooth, the baby has been discharged.This time, the families of the children were informed that the operation of the small patient transferred to the hospital by railway escort was very successful, so they once again chose the railway to escort the young life.

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