Ancient abuse: she victory return, husband jun side has a lovely wife early however, she decisively get ten thousand iron ride away

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Many people feel empty after reading a novel and don’t know what to read next.Have a small make up no longer afraid of no books to read, it’s all sorts of beautiful novel, small make up for all mining as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo,Thank you for your support and encouragement!Today xiaobian recommend to you: ancient abuse: she won the return, husband side but early concubine, she decisively led one hundred thousand iron ride away # refused book shortage # 1: “The World to seek: ordinary women to turn over” author: Setting Xi Tanabata introduction: last I, was caesarean section, appearance destroyed, extremely cruel.Once reborn, she is no longer slaughtered Su Rujin.In revenge, she pretended to be stupid, only step by step.Behind her back, she’s plotting to kill her enemies.In front of the people, he is the medicine pot disease prince after the people, this strong, night chuang boudoir who is wow!Pit guide: But…In this world, really there are ghosts?Wen Yu sighed, feeling tired for the day, and said to her daughter, “Yueting, go with your father!I asked your aunt to change rooms for you, so you don’t have to stay here anymore.”Wen Yue Ting raised his head, looking at him, silently stood up, at this time a figure to her flying over, Shouting: “Miss, miss you all right!”Wen Yue Ting has not reacted, was hit by a full.She stared and saw that this was the little liu who had seen Mammy Wang’s dead body go out to report it.In The memory of Wen Yue Ting, although liu is a thick person, but her heart is simple, is loyal to Wen Yue Ting.But…Wen Yue Ting was still wondering, since she is loyal to live, why just happened so big things are not her figure, but the end of things she just ran over?Now Wen Yueting, who have no way to have all the trust.”Miss, are you all right?All blame maidservant not good, madam affirmation embarrassed young lady again!”Her clear voice with a cry, eyes are distressed, while saying again for Wen Yue Ting to check the injury.Wen Yu black face heavy cough 1, small liu this just see him, hurriedly blessing body saluting: “maidservant have seen xiang ye.”Wen Yu from nasal cavity heavy HMM 1, say: “where did you just go?”The shy rim of small liu complexion of an instant again, low head voice is like mosquito ant way: “maidservant……Frighten dizzy……”Wen Yu looked at her contemptuously and said slowly, “It’s just right that you take Yueting to the west wing, and yueting will live there from now on.”Small liu eyes a bright, delighted to nod a strength to thank Wen Yu, which shows that this Wen Yue Ting, never received such treatment.Wen Yu confessed after leaving, small liu took Wen Yue Ting to the west wing, this person happy, chattering along the way, really let Wen Yue Ting feel confused.Fortunately, she was a fool now and jumped away, ignoring her nagging.A girl in her 20s, like an old woman?Xiao Liu closely with Wen Yue Ting behind came to the west wing, stepping into the casual glance, a few short sandalwood table, cui Luo screen, pearl jade, curling up incense overflow in the room, sending out a mellow and elegant fragrance.Wen Yue Ting in the heart satisfied with a, it seems that this phase house action, is really very fast!”Young lady, did not think of photograph father let a person decorate this room so seriously, look after young lady, need not suffer person bully.”When Xiao Liu said this, she could not conceal her delight, as if she could already see the young lady after her luck changed.Wen Yue Ting in the heart helplessly sigh, sure enough, the girl thought too simple, how could not be bullied?She doesn’t think dai’s mother and daughter will let her go so easily.As I was thinking this, I heard voices outside, coming closer and closer.”Do you think that idiot will move here so soon?””Wayan, I just saw with my own eyes Xiao Liu and that idiot coming here.”It was the voices of Wen Jinrou and Wen Jinsi. They turned their heads and looked at Xiao Liu. The smile on her face froze and panic appeared on her face.(click the following link to read the novel) the second: “general for concubine” author: Jinyi do not understand the introduction: ancient abuse: she won the victory return, husband side but early concubine, she decisively get ten thousand iron riding away she was the daughter of official family, but reduced to prostitution.Step by step, just for revenge.He was originally a huang emperor, but because of that one five years ago, he was willing to marry a prostitute.Spoony waiting, the replacement of dynasties, the rise and fall of families, when righteousness on personal feelings, who can hold a couple?I’m afraid I’m old with a sigh.Pit guide: green trees shade long summer, the reflection of the building into the pond.On the stage in the water, the beautiful people kept dancing with water sleeves, and the flexible qu cavity was more wonderful than the tree’s warbler.The green night has not come to and sing the next sentence of the opera, but was abruptly interrupted.It was literally ‘beaten’ and broken.Be hit dizzy head by a silver and fall to the ground of green night, just want to rise scold, be hit by a silver again broken waist.The silver looks big, the weight is full, plus the people who cast the silver spindle with full strength, the green night unexpectedly was hit a few mouths of blood, gaunt.Youyouyo, who is this little face spitting blood?Come here, let me have a look.”Jiang Rongchen came from one side of the stage, and no one dared to stop him.”Ah, this fine eye a look is our green ye.”Bent down, Jiang Rongchen smiled, suddenly tore the green night chest of clothes!Immediately, the whole stage of the people staring at the naked chest of green night!”TSK TSK, I look also have no what big injury, then yao provoke of our green ye vomit blood?”Two fingers mercilessly clamp green night chin, Jiang Rongchen squinted.”Look at that little face, how pretty it is!But no matter how beautiful it is, it’s dirty!”It was not loud enough to be heard clearly by people around the stage.Su Fan subconsciously want to rush on stage, but was more than stopped.Pointing to Jiang rongchen’s face, Yu said softly, “This man is difficult to deal with.”At the same time, the stage, Jiang Rongchen raised his hand to fan the green night a slap in the face.”I thought our young master was very sensible. A slut who has been a performer since childhood should be different from those half-assed ones, shouldn’t it?Is it?You forget your job while you’re doing it, huh?In front of my father!Do you still hope that one day, can step into my Chiang family?”A pull up the hair of green night, Jiang Rongchen said in his ear, “unfortunately, dirty goods is dirty goods, clean is disgusting!Be your entertainer, and maybe I’ll reward you with some spring breeze.”The original Jiang Rongchen has been in the mind a few days ago in the night of the green night hurt by his father rebuked, narrow heart he may let the green night, so there is this today.Swallow the blood foam in the mouth, the green night looked at the monitor under the stage of the timid, laugh to choke mei.”Nature is what Master Jiang said is what, the green night this Passover, the next time won’t.””It is better to know that you are safe. If you are hurt like this, take this money to see your wound.I look at this you also can’t sing the play, let that who sing for you!”Withdraw hand, Jiang Rongchen will green night kicked to the side, with the individual.I saw that man dressed neatly and smiling come on stage, as if already ready.Green night hung his head, covered his abdomen, not a word.Opera suddenly, the audience is like did not see just farce as the singer danced and waved applause, only one person, embarrassed hiding in the corner.Jiang Rongchen took a look at the green night, left with a sarcastic smile.A pair of hands will hold up the green night, green night looked back at monitor bitter hatred face.”I told you not to do anything wrong. Look!Jiang Rongchen this meaning is afraid to hold the xin son!Now you are going to suffer a lot. What do you think is wrong for you to provoke Jiang Chang? You know that Jiang Chang is obsessed with his dead wife and will tolerate you in his eyes.Jiang Rongchen is also a mindless bastard. You caused him to be scolded, so he came to you to vent his anger…””Monitor you don’t read, the matter has so far, I also should have a good rest a few days.”Rubbed his headache head, green night took a look at the center of the stage to sing the rise of people.”Say again xin son sing of also good, he fire, little monitor your benefit.”No answer, the monitor just hum, will help green night off the stage.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: “Frost and Snow all over the head, no white head” author: Qingbai Tuanzi Introduction: Ye Feishuang was once a heroine, is a general in battle.No shame in death.But……After marrying Jun Muyan, I lost all my pride, but still couldn’t change his heart.To kill his mother’s enemies kowtow to confess, still can not protect the fetus.Now, looking at the man she had admired for so many years, her heart was no longer hot.Into the pit guide: “big sister, my home also have no good place, you rest here first.”The lodge was small and bare of furniture, but it was clean and did not smell bad.Then she took out a fairly clean coarse clothes to Ye Feishuang, “this is very good, thank you.”He thanked her and then changed his clothes, which were covered with scars from the battle.There were several nights when these scars would hurt, and I couldn’t sleep at night, and it didn’t seem to matter to me that I could endure them.Although the collapse is not comfortable, but this is ye Fei Frost sleep very secure, here is no suspicion, no frame.Early in the morning she had been awakened by the sound of birds, and she had not felt so comfortable for a long time, and now her eyes could see shadowy shapes.Looking at the mottled leaves through the morning light, many of them began to turn yellow with the arrival of autumn and then floated down with the breeze, just like themselves, there is no place to rest and drift with the current.”Hey, big sister you wake up, you slept well last night.”The peasant women in the village always get up very early to clean the courtyard and prepare for cooking.Ye Fei frost eye quick hand to help her take a pile of firewood, the farmer also feel some embarrassment.”Fine. Let me give you a hand.”Two people together into the kitchen, which had cooked porridge, filled with rice incense, Ye Feishuang greedy suction nose, for a long time did not have this comfortable feeling.In the palace every day waiting for the minions meals, all of the mountain delicacies, but what is the use of.Especially when he was pregnant with the emperor’s son, every day to guard against Ye Qingqing, if it were not for pregnant children must tonic, she would like to eat less.That is too tired, but finally the child did not, or Jun Muyan hand caused, if there is no Ye Qingqing in the way, perhaps she and Jun Muyan will not be in trouble, their own good.She looked thoughtful, and the elder said, “Why don’t you go out and wait, sister?(click the following link to read the novel) recommendation will be here today, you have what like novels can leave a message in the comments section below small make up, ha ha, always expecting babies message ~ to review highlights: “nine by show MOE crown princess spoil the world” in order to survive, she tries to show MOE to win the favor of archenemy army marriage:Grandpa drag to blind date, she dress up as ugly and silly, head spoil drowning smile: like you!”Princess I tilt the city, the secret agent princess of the Underworld” “small emperor concubine said to leave” “she can write?”In order to protect herself, Fufeng racks her brains to seduce him, until she succeeds in knocking him down

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