Shuiwan Town, Wudi County, Binzhou city, played a role in the fight against the epidemic by donating supplies to warm people’s hearts

Binzhou, March 15 — Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, people from all walks of life in Shuiwan Town, Wudi County, bravely took social responsibilities and voluntarily donated materials, actively contributing to the epidemic prevention and control work in Shuiwan Town.On the morning of March 14, Shuiwan county people’s Congress representative Chang Bingbing entrusted his brother to donate 9 boxes of disinfectant solution to Shuiwan Town, transferring strength and warmth with practical actions to support the epidemic prevention and control work in Shuiwan Town.On the afternoon of March 14, Gao Lei, general manager of Xinjiamei New Materials Co., Ltd. donated 64 boxes of ham sausages, 50 boxes of mineral water, 50 boxes of instant noodles and 2,500 masks to Shuiwan town to help win the battle against the epidemic.Shuiwan Town will arrange the donated materials in a unified way and distribute them scientifically. Meanwhile, it will strictly implement the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, elaborate various epidemic prevention and control measures, and build a solid epidemic prevention and control safety barrier for the people in the town.(Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Song Chun Correspondent Sun Jingyi Liu Xuyang Xu Xipeng)

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