The school season is coming and this matters to thousands of families!

Zhejiang news client reporter Huang Hong recently, a lot of places entered the “school season”.Like Hangzhou, from today, the primary and secondary schools began to reopen.How to teach their children, but also more eye-catching.Different from previous years: Since January 1 this year, the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China has been officially implemented, which means that family education has been upgraded from a traditional “family matter” to a “state matter”, and from now on, children should be raised according to law.It also means that parents, and even related organizations, may be punished if parenting is not legal.What are the things worth noticing?The first is: born without teaching, never do.On January 11, Zhejiang issued its first directive on family education.It’s a mom.Something happened to her daughter: only 17, she was sentenced by pinghu Court to three years in prison, with four years’ probation.After the court investigation found: the mother in Pinghu local factory to work, because of early and late, the daughter neglectful discipline;Her husband did discipline her, but he was working in Shanghai, which was out of her reach at ordinary times. Moreover, because of the rough method, when she was at home, her daughter did not dare to go home for fear of her father.As a result, he became a criminal due to frequent contacts with laymen.The second aspect is: even if divorce, the responsibility is still there.On February 14, the Baoshan District Court in Shanghai issued a directive on family education.Zhou is the child’s mother;Lee is the father.The couple divorced in 2016 after a court settlement.The mediation document stipulates that the child is brought up by Li mou, but the mother Zhou mou has the right to visit the child every Saturday, and the details of the visit are stipulated above. Zhou mou picks up the child at 9 o ‘clock on Saturday and returns it at 19 o ‘clock.Later, Li refused to let Zhou see the child, several times Zhou and court officers are together to see the child.The court issued this “order to accept family education guidance order”, is aimed at Li mou, the reason is that he refused to let the mother visit the child’s practice, affecting the healthy growth of the child, he must and Zhou Mou cooperate with each other, fulfill the responsibility of family education.The third aspect is: light raise not good, still have to teach.The Tianxin District Court in Changsha, Hunan province, issued a directive on Family education on Jan 6.What’s going on here?It’s also about divorce: when the parents divorce, the mother takes care of the children.But after the mother gave birth to the child, she did not control him very much and once let him out of school for two weeks.After the father knew, he negotiated with the child’s mother, rented a house outside, and found a babysitter to take care of the child’s daily life and school.The court issued “order to accept family education guidance order” requirements, the mother can no longer let the child and nanny live in the future, but should live with the mother, by her or close relatives personally raise and accompany the child, but also her weekly and school at least one contact.For the father, the court also required him not only to hire a nanny, just “raise” the child, to “teach” this aspect, also pay attention to.The fourth aspect is: the way of education should also be paid attention to.It happened in Shapingba District, Chongqing: the husband works in China, the wife works abroad, and the child lives with his father.Mother and son will often video chat, in the chat, the mother found the child’s eyes around injury, and then asked, the child is beaten by his father.After investigation by the local women’s Federation and procuratorate, it was found that the father often used sticks to educate his children.The procuratorial organ issued an order ordering the father to receive “one-to-one” family education guidance so that he can legally perform his guardianship duties.These cases, only more than a month after the implementation of family Education promotion Law happened, there may be more cases in the future.But from these “emerging” cases, we can see: family is the “first school” of minors, parents as the “first teachers” of minors, it is far from enough to only fulfill the duty of raising, but also to shoulder the responsibility of education and companionship, so that children can grow up healthily.There are two other points worth noting: the first point is that “orders” issued by the court, including the order on instructions for family education mentioned above, are mandatory.In case of violation, the court will reprimand, fine or detain them according to the seriousness of the case.If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.The second point is that although the law carries the word “family”, the relevant units also have responsibilities.The Family Education Promotion Law provides that:Minors of the local residents’ committee or villagers’ committee, women’s federation, the parents or other guardians of minors place unit, and the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and other relevant close contact with the unit found that parents or other guardians of minors refuse, delayed in performance of the family education responsibility, or illegally blocking other guardians of the implementation of family education,They should be criticized, educated, admonished, and urged to accept family education and guidance when necessary.In legal terms, “shall” means “must”.In other words, they could also be held legally liable for failing to take action if they discovered the situation.The person in charge of these units that the family education promotion Law points to should pay more attention to this aspect in the future.Now is the beginning of the school season, the future how to “take baby according to law”, how to use a more scientific and reasonable way of family education, how to promote the healthy growth of children, parents and the whole society also have to think more, in order to adapt to this just come “take baby according to law” era.

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