Wei Jianping: Burn Bridges and race against time to make every effort to improve infrastructure construction

Jian-ping wei is 2022 urban construction traffic and water conservancy project planning implementation work emphasized the burned trials and hardships Race against time trying desperately determined to build the foundation facilities construction turnaround on February 12th, the mayor jian-ping wei dasheng chaired by the mayor, listen to city living building, urban management, traffic, water conservancy and other departments to report the urban water conservancy key project planning implementation.Municipal People’s Congress standing Committee members, municipal Development and Reform Commission director Zheng Yuanyue, vice mayor Chen Hongyang attended the meeting.Wei jianping stressed that the construction of key urban transportation and water conservancy projects is related to the overall economic and social development of the city, the improvement of people’s livelihood and well-being, and is an important basis for improving the city’s image, quality and comprehensive carrying capacity.Departments at all levels should be put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, grasp the implementation to a line, with “self burned, closing the back door”, to “all day and night, rain or shine” perseverance, easily with “a race against time and do our best”, put the whole city to learn earnestly implement the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th, the central economic work conference and the provincial, municipal party spirit displayed great enthusiasm,This is translated into the fruitful results of accelerating project construction and promoting urban development, quickly setting off the project breakthrough upsurge, and resolutely making a turnround in infrastructure construction.Wei Jianping requirements, first to optimize the time node.We should make project construction a hard target, a hard task, and a hard assessment. We should set up standing tables and wall charts to accelerate the progress of projects that are under construction, those that have not yet begun, and those that are planned to take shape.All key urban construction, transportation and water conservancy projects scheduled to start in the first half of the year should be started by the end of February, and all those scheduled to start in the second half of the year by the end of June.Second, we need to improve project procedures.Urban construction, transportation, water conservancy and other departments should work closely with resource planning departments to handle the preliminary procedures of planning and land projects. For key urban construction transportation and water conservancy projects scheduled to start work throughout the year, they should complete the plan design and apply for land approval within one month to ensure that the key projects meet the bidding conditions and can start construction at any time.Third, we must actively raise funds.We should set up the concept of “city management”, do a good job in the article of land, so that the effective land resources can bring maximum economic benefits.Xinxiang State-owned Assets Group and Xinxiang Investment Group should be the vanguard of project construction and the main force of financial services, emancipate the mind, dare to venture and try, explore innovative investment and financing modes, actively plan packaging projects, attract various forces to participate in, strive for various financial support, and provide strong financial guarantee for the construction of key projects.Fourth, we will strengthen construction support.We should “focus on the project and focus on the project”, pay close attention to the deadline, strengthen coordination and communication, strengthen construction support, make every effort to create a good construction environment for the project construction, and make every effort to promote the early completion and commissioning of key projects.Fifth, we need to strengthen accountability.We need to strengthen supervision. Those units and individuals that fail to complete the target tasks according to the timing requirements should be held accountable and investigated seriously. We need to make every effort to achieve a “good start” and “red year”.(Xinxiang Daily all media reporter Wang Hailing)

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