Haikou Sanyong highway project to achieve the full line of construction and strive to the end of August this year completed open to traffic

New Hainan client end, south China Sea net, South China Metropolis daily on February 11 news (reporter Party Chaofeng intern Yuan Ziyan) On February 11, the reporter in Haikou City sanyong highway project construction site to see, paver, roller and other machinery in the operation of workers take turns, a busy.It is understood that the starting point of the project is located in the northwest side of Sanjiang Town, Haikou City, along the provincial Road S201 Lingwenjia line, passing through sanjiang, Yunlong, Longtang, Longqiao, Longquan, Yongxing six towns, the end is located in the southern end of Yongxing Town, and the national road G224 Haiyuzhong line intersection, the total length of the route is about 34.571 kilometers.In order to achieve the target of completion and opening to traffic this year, the project department does not stop work during the Spring Festival, and some workers stay at the site to seize the Spring Festival holiday to ensure the steady progress of the important bridge construction of the project.”Now there are more than 200 workers in the whole line. The road and bridge construction are going on simultaneously. It is expected that the bridge construction will be completed in April, and we will strive to realize the completion of the whole line by the end of August.””Said CAI Yexu, project manager of Haikou Urban Construction Group Road and Bridge Co., the agency that built the project.It is reported that after the completion of the project, the travel time from Sanjiang to Yunlong to Longtang to Yongxing will be reduced from one and a half hours to 40 minutes.After completion, it will further improve the regional road network structure, strengthen the horizontal connection of villages and towns in the south of Haikou city, improve transportation conditions, promote the development of “Haicheng Wending” economic circle, and promote the economic and social development of towns along the line of great significance.Editor in charge: Chen Shichao

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