Insiders suggest the lakers trade Bryant this summer. “His value should be based on the player he is.”

The Los Angeles Lakers’ losing streak seems to have exhausted patience with the team, with some insiders saying the lakers should trade Anthony Davis this summer, just days after they suggested westbrook should be traded.That’s according to ESPN sports commentator Stephen A-Smith, who spoke publicly on A sports show. “I agree that Davis is still A star, but we’re talking about the Lakers next season, and I think he should be traded.””The reason is that his value should be based on his value as a player, but looking at him now, at 28, it’s a question mark whether he can last.”Stephen A-Smith also said that for comparison, look at how lebron James plays, monk, Tucker and Carmelo Anthony play.In the last two games, Bryant has played a combined 17 minutes and 15 seconds in the final quarters, but has scored three points (1-of-3 shooting, 1-of-2 free throws).So far this season, Bryant has scored 4.5 points in the final quarter, shooting 49 percent from the floor and 70 percent from the free throw line.The last quarter’s slump was matched by Bryant’s attendance, which rose to 21 games this season after he played in 36 of 72 regular-season games last season.In his first season with the Lakers, he averaged 27.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and a combined shooting percentage of 57.1%. He played an irreplaceable role in winning the championship that year, but has been on a downward trajectory since then.

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