Buddha is back!Klay scored 16 points in the final quarter to save golden State, and Lebron James reached the milestone in a night of epic loss

The Los Angeles Lakers trailed by 15 points in the second quarter, but they rallied in the third, and Klay scored 16 points to give the Warriors a 117-115 victory over the Lakers on Sunday in the NBA regular-season matchup.Snapped a two-game losing streak and handed the lakers their third straight loss.The Warriors have lost two straight to finish second in the Western Conference, while the Lakers are in even worse shape, having lost six of their last eight games to move into ninth place in the conference and a playoff spot in question.In their first meeting this season, the Lakers lost at home to the Warriors.With 19 points, James will surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most playoff and regular-season points of all time.The Warriors got into it faster, with Kminga and Wiggins in good shape, and the Warriors quickly established an advantage. Curry made five free throws and scored nine points in the first quarter, and the lakers had to rely on James to score and trailed by six in the first quarter.The Warriors got going early in the second quarter, with Klay hitting two 3-pointers and Kuminga continuing to play well, as the Warriors pulled to a 15-point lead.The lakers didn’t panic, James was still in great shape, Westbrook and Tucker stepped up, and the lakers quickly cut back to within two points at one point and only three at halftime.In the third quarter, James added back-to-back assists and hit a 3-pointer with seven minutes left to move him past Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points in the regular season and playoffs.The Lakers got within one point at one point, but Wiggins burst out of the blue, and the Warriors soon pulled away again. Curry hit his first 3-pointer, and the Warriors led by nine. The Lakers didn’t panic, and started the chase mode again.The lakers trailed by one at the end of three quarters, leaving the suspense in the final quarter.The final quarter turned into a showdown as the lakers scored seven straight points and the Warriors went nearly four minutes without scoring before Klay made a 2-and-1 break.Kuminga got his fifth early, and the Warriors took the lead, tying the game with just over five minutes left.Klay hit two 3-pointers and Wiggins hit another to give the Warriors a 1-point lead with 140 seconds left.Klay followed with a 3-pointer and Curry’s layup gave the Warriors a 117-114 lead with 46 seconds left.James missed the first of three free throws in the game-winning game, giving the lakers their third straight loss, 115-117.Curry had 24 points, eight assists and five rebounds, but only 1-of-7 from 3-point range. Klay scored 16 points in the final quarter and finished with 33 points and five rebounds, Kuminga had 18 points and nine rebounds, and Wiggins had 19 points.James had a triple-double with 26 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists in the milestone game, moving his scoring total to the all-time high, followed by Timberlake with 16 points and Westbrook with 19.Tucker had 17 points, seven rebounds and three assists, Monk added 12 points, Reeves added 13 and the lakers’ bench scored 42 points.

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