“Our Chinese Dream” Calligraphy comments public Welfare class (1)

Calligraphy author: Li Hongzhe, female.Shijiazhuang Luancheng District Floor primary school teacher, Shijiazhuang Luancheng district calligrapher association director.Comments: This small print works adopts the form of residual paper, taking zhong Wang yi Road of French system.There is a hidden dew on the pen, strong, natural and exquisite.The changes on the body are varied and unique.Chapter on the density of oblique, uneven size, are very strange shift.Zhong King — Zhong you, Wang Xizhi.The most important characteristic of Zhong Xiao kai is “ancient” and “lively”.This is the highest level of Xiao Kai.Because he lived in an era when official script was widely used, he was used to writing it.Therefore, when he innovated in regular script writing, he always consciously or unconsciously used some of the brushwork and knots of Official script to make regular script plain and ancient.And that time, there is a main line is zhang Cao.Therefore, in addition to official script, some traditional Chinese characters are also written.This makes the small letters look more lively, silly but not regular. This is the standard of the clock.It is suggested that we study the classical works before zhong you and absorb more traditional classical elements.In order to get rid of the dilemma of Tang Kai, I could write wei Jin Xiao Kai with both shape and spirit.My humble opinion is only for reference!Reviewer: Yang Weizhong, member of Hebei Calligrapher’s Association, member of Shijiazhuang Calligrapher’s Association Official script Committee, vice chairman of Luancheng District Calligrapher’s Association.Comments: Li Hongzhe this work is mainly taken from zhong you, but it is of good form.Overall view of this effect of the pen is more sober and simple, empty and simple, the whole pair of works give people a quiet and serene atmosphere.Learning calligraphy, practice makes perfect.More reading, more writing and more appreciation is the basis of learning calligraphy.From the beginning of consciousness and passivity to the extreme of mastery, without thinking, only with a sense of their own writing, that is the creation of unity.Li Hongzhe is diligent and intelligent.In the future study, the following four points are suggested: first, the line thickness change should be strong, fine is very fine, thick block surface feeling is very strong.When writing, thin lines should not be too sharp, thick lines should be plump.The second is to start and close, turning stop to be sufficient, the front in place, write the strokes in place.Three is in the rhythm grasp must try to figure out, fast place, stay place, the pen pressure place……Take the original post as reference and practice repeatedly.The fourth is to pay attention to the seal.The seal is a landscape line of the pursuit of perfection. The seal in this work is too big, so it must be paid attention to in the future.Reviewer: Member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, vice chairman of Shijiazhuang Calligrapher’s Association, chairman of Luancheng District Calligrapher’s Association.

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