The municipal Health insurance Bureau allocated 69.39 million yuan in advance to the city’s relevant designated medical institutions

In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau acted to send timely medical insurance “timely rain” to the relevant designated medical institutions of the city in the first time to allocate 69.39 million yuan of advance funds to ensure adequate funds for epidemic prevention and control hospitals.Are there sufficient supplies of all kinds of medicines?Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties.”After the Fourth People’s Hospital of Taixing city was identified as the municipal “yellow code hospital”, Ding Weimin, the president of the first time indirectly called the municipal Medical insurance Bureau.On April 2, the hospital’s medical insurance account received 730,000 yuan in advance for epidemic prevention and control from the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau.”In order to ensure yellow code patients to see a doctor, all the materials must be purchased in advance, capital turnover pressure is huge, the ‘real money and silver’ of the medical insurance bureau, gave us a big reassurance.”Ding Weimin said.The treatment of patients can not tolerate any hesitation. The municipal Medical Insurance Bureau races against time and does urgent things urgently. It quickly implements the fund guarantee according to the deployment of provinces and cities.Including timely review of vaccination data, a total of 21.48 million yuan was allocated for vaccination to more than 30 primary medical institutions in the city;The municipal Health Commission approved nucleic acid test data of fever outpatients and inpatients, and allocated a total of 6.01 million yuan for nucleic acid test, providing a strong guarantee for the fight against the epidemic.Play “mix build” epidemic “health care network” city health bureau for expanding the scope of the medical insurance fund pays, according to the ninth edition COVID – 19 diagnosis and treatment plan, use of intravenous gamma globulin, breeze jiedu granule, five drugs such as clearing lung detoxification particles into temporary medical insurance fund to pay limits, the fee will be settled directly by the bureau of medical institutions and health care.The limit on the dosage of “strong prescription” for chronic diseases will be relaxed. After being evaluated by doctors in the treating hospitals, the amount of drugs prescribed for patients with chronic diseases and special diseases can be relaxed to 3 months at a time, reducing the number of times patients go to hospitals to get prescriptions.We have launched “five services” for people’s convenience in a timely manner, opened “online service, handheld service, collaborative service, simplified service, and delayed service”, and implemented 32 medical insurance services without meeting each other.”I am currently in Suzhou with my children and suddenly fell ill. I was worried that the epidemic would affect my hospitalization, but I did not expect that the staff instructed me to apply for the approval online.”On March 31, the successful “Jiangsu health insurance cloud” on the opening of remote medical treatment Ms. Zeng praised.We will do everything possible to maximize the efficiency of convenient services, get through the “last kilometer” of people’s livelihood needs, minimize the impact of the epidemic on people’s lives, and convey the warm “heat” of medical insurance workers in the “reverse cold” of the epidemic.Source | taixing release

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