The unit price has increased by 50%, 90 million demurage fee. “If you give me 100 cabinets of basa fish, you can lie flat this year.”

February 7, China Aviation Weekly an article “Dalian a cold chain shippers 90 million yuan detention fee, who will pay?”The import of cold chain food industry practitioners of the heart are almost tied into a sieve.As mentioned in the article: Due to the impact of the epidemic, Dalian announced on November 8, 2021 that all the production and operation of imported cold chain food units in the city would be suspended immediately, but did not set a specific lifting date.Cargo backlog in the port, cold storage was sealed, dalian hundreds of aquatic products import, storage and processing cold chain enterprises stopped production, cold chain stagnation affected upstream and downstream industries, the survival of enterprises encountered challenges.Among them, high demurrage fee is the first pressure faced by enterprises.Mr. Jia, who is in charge of the import business of a large cold chain shippers enterprise in Dalian, said in an interview that from December 2020 to now, the company needs to pay a total of more than 90 million yuan of detention fees.All paid for by the company.- $90 million!This is not the average small business can withstand the pressure!Of course, the amount of business is smaller company, lag box fee will not be high to this point.However, as Mr Jia said, “If you count the total demurrage fees of all shippers in Dalian, it will be very surprising.”A similar situation is not confined to dalian port.A basa fish importer was full of anxiety and helplessness when talking about the delay time: “A container of basa fish has been waiting for more than 90 days, which resulted in a delay fee of more than 90,000 yuan. Another frozen container of Basa fish arrived at Guangzhou port around January 4th, and the cost of this container has reached 40,000 or 50,000 yuan.We are still waiting in line, but we heard that the containers have been arranged to arrive at the port on January 2nd and 3rd. We hope they can be released and transshipped as soon as possible.”Import is so difficult, what about border trade?As we all know, due to the worsening of the epidemic in Vietnam, the epidemic prevention pressure on the border between China and Vietnam has also increased sharply. It is said that only 8-10 cabinets can pass through the border trade ports every day!What is more disturbing is that Baise city in Guangxi province, which borders Vietnam, is also experiencing a severe outbreak of COVID-19. As of noon on February 9, the total number of confirmed cases in this round of COVID-19 reached 180.Baise implemented a variety of measures, including “all personnel testing”, “no entry or exit” and “home quarantine”, and informed Longbang and Pingmeng ports to delay the resumption of customs clearance, which will be determined according to the epidemic situation in Baise.At present, Baise city 5 port operation area and 1 passenger transport enterprises have all suspended operations!Basa fish is not a high-yield category, since the second half of last year, either the factory shutdown out of stock, or the goods can not be imported, not only the cost soared, but also the import process has great uncertainty…On the market, 90 percent of fish fillets have gone up to 220 yuan per box (10kg), compared with 150 yuan last year.In recent years, as classic fish dishes constantly break through the limitations of cuisines and regions, the presence of Pasha fish in China’s vast catering market is becoming stronger and stronger.Sauerkraut fish, boiled fish, tomato fish, grilled fish, hot pot fish fillet/fillet…Even the basa has a steady grip.Meanwhile, riding the wave of prepared Chinese food, this pasha fish from neighboring countries has quickly found its place in Chinese cuisine, with few real substitutes.The supply chain of Basa fish, which is concentrated in Vietnam, has been stable for a long time, but the situation has changed dramatically since the second half of last year.Shortages and price rises have become the “new normal”.Fish hunting and fish snatching have become “new tasks”;”Basa fish with a freezer full” is the “new wish”!After Vietnam, people stopped asking “Can prices come down a bit?”Rather, “Is the pasha in stock?”Vietnam has a disease, a new day confirmed 20,000 cases!The Spring Festival holiday is over, Vietnam factories resume work is still a big problem, there are foreign shoe factories again large-scale strikes, this will affect aquatic product factories?We don’t know yet.However, the epidemic did not take a detour because aquatic products are an important export commodity of Vietnam. Large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in factories led to the shutdown of the situation repeatedly. The risk is really great, we have to pay attention to!According to the Ministry of Health, 23,956 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Vietnam on February 9, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 2,404,651.In the Mekong Region, where there is a high concentration of Basa fish factories, the number of new cases is as follows:On their chieftre basis, Ho Chi Minh City (219), Bo Liao (82), Yong Lung (88), Bo Liao (82), Ben Tre (72), Ping Yang (32), Xining (31), Chayong (26), Tong Ta (21), Long an (20), Can Tho (19), Tong Nai (19), Heping (18), Jian Jiang (16), Hous Chieftre (16)…Whining is false, gaping is true!According to the statistics of Chinese Customs, December 2021 is also the month with the highest import volume of basa fish in the whole year, about 21,400 tons, a growth rate of 86%!However, imports of basa fish in December were only 70 percent of those in December 2020 and more than 60 percent of those in December 2019.It can be seen that the shortage of Basa fish in the Chinese market is not the distributor’s whining, or to confuse the price, it is really out of stock!It’s really going up!After all, “If I had 100 cabinets of basa fillets right now, I’d be flat for the year!”Do you agree?Article source: New frozen pie official account

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