Municipal soil and fertilizer station held wheat “science and technology seedling” on-site technical training and observation

In the morning of February 17, the city soil and fertilizer station held a special wheat “science and technology strong seedling” on-site technical training and observation meeting in Liuxieying village, Liaohe Town, Wolong District.Li Yusheng, second-level researcher of Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Li Jinbang, post expert and researcher of National Wheat industrial system of Nanyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, He Xiaosen, deputy district head of Wolong District People’s Government, And Wang Qingru, Secretary and director of Wolong District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, participated in the activity despite snow.On-site technology training and observation meeting by the city soil fertilizer station webmaster, agricultural technology promotion researcher Comrade Zhang Penghai presided over.Li yusheng pointed out that the launch of “science and technology seedling” technology training and observation is to firmly shoulder the responsibility of food security on the shoulders of specific actions, to put all agricultural technologies into solid implementation in the field, to ensure national food security.Comrade Li Jinbang explained the current wheat field management techniques from three aspects of “early”, “promotion” and “prevention”.The Government of Wolong District requires the villages and towns of the whole region to bring the technology learned from the training back to the villages, implement it in each village, implement it in each piece of land, do a solid job in the current wheat field management, promote the “science and technology seedling” action in the whole region, and push the wheat field management of the whole region to a climax quickly.At the scene of the activity, soil and fertilizer station, nanyang, the municipal agricultural science research institute and other units to distribute “spring wheat fertilizer technology guidance”, “promoting the weak to strong protect wheat harvest in the summer crops technology chart” agricultural technology promotion materials, such as the masses to questions don’t understand the technology, technical personnel to do the scene.

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