From single to divorced, the anchor was gradually unveiled by male fans and refused to communicate in interviews

There are many kinds of feelings in the world, but nothing penetrates the heart like love.Because love is a loyal and noble feeling between a man and a woman, who adore each other and wish to become lifelong partners;It is a genuine emotional resonance between men and women, a collision of hearts, and a thorough exchange of information.When it comes to information exchange, network broadcast is very popular now, because it is a real event, which can quickly bring the anchors and the audience together. Even if the fans quickly learn how to do it, they can earn a lot of money.Because of this immediacy, many anchors and fans interact live.Some people like each other’s hosting style and give gifts like crazy, while others find love of their own.But the Internet is, after all, virtual.What if you fall in love with an anchor who cheats on you?First, fans of live beauty, because you’ve been cheated out of everything?Guo, 30, is an ordinary farmer in Wangkui County.Now, he is also following the new trend, playing live on new media.He met liu Yan, a female anchor, on an online platform.Who thinks this charming charm is unstoppable?He has a crush on this beautiful anchorwoman.The other side tricks them into continuing to steal gifts.In this way, Guo used his hard-earned money to reward, but he was cheated of nothing.What’s more surprising is that one of his brothers, Xiao Li, was also cheated by the beautiful anchor.In order to get their money back, they have no choice but to turn to people and try to find a female anchor for an explanation.On the way to Yan Yan’s home, Guo opened the mobile phone, Yan Yan this beauty is live video, so I am very sure, the other party is at home.In the video, I can see Liu Yan is a bit charming, she shouts something to one of her fans: “Brother, this is a personal letter for you.I want to ask you for a sports car.Add it, brother, and I’ll broadcast it to you.”Live streaming is said to be very profitable.It turns out it’s so easy for them to talk money in private.Xiao Li said that friends can PK each other in the live broadcast, the two sides scold each other across the air, then it will be awkward, then not steal gifts?This is the setting and standard of live broadcasting.People who haven’t played it live don’t know how magical it is.They always think online dating is just an emotional line that sends a message.The beauty of intimacy lies in the distance.It’s like looking at the moon in the water, seeing flowers in the fog, looking through the curtains, exploring the mountains for treasure.The whole charm lies in the magical effect of distance.It makes us look, touch, heart to heart, not realizing that when a man falls in love with a dominator, nothing can be missed.When two men came to Yanjing with the mediator, they saw two men in front.She refused to let them in, saying there were children in the house so as not to frighten them.If you don’t shut her down, she’ll call the police, and there’ll be no argument.Secondly, male fans like female anchors, saying she can deceive people and arouse people’s sympathy.What’s the problem with finding female anchors among fans?Ms. Li said That Yanyan, like a magnet for gold, still deceived countless men like her and Mr. Guo, who fell under her skirts and saved money without hesitation.Xiao Li, 29, from Anda, has been divorced for many years and has always been single.Since he became a loyal fan of Yan Geling, he often went to the studio to improve his resources.Mr. Li said that when he first met Yanyan, the woman said she wasn’t married.That day, he gave him a six-dollar brush, and then more and more.At most one day, she brushed 2,000 yuan to Yan Geling, because Yan gave her a very good feeling.Some people say that the past life must have 500 appearance, this life will have a chance to pass.These encounters, acquaintance, acquaintance are to rely on fate.Two strangers meeting online is also a kind of endless fate.It may have been fated to inadvertently confront him during a rehearsal broadcast.I was newly divorced and emotionally empty.Because he’s charming, he’s likeable, and what he says evokes compassion.And Yan Geling unique identity is very tempting, always can let Xiao Li fantasy.He looks forward to the day when he can be Liuyan’s real boyfriend.Say nothing.Just a few days later, Yan Yan agreed to go out alone with Xiao Li.Li said they had a relationship the first time they met because they had known each other for eight months and chatted on online platforms every day, so their meeting was so direct and full of passion.In fact, everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths.Streamers want to make money from others and use their ability to impress.Broadcasters rely on a mouth.Especially some women, they will use their beautiful advantage and talkative character, play emotional cards, let each other excited, give each other psychological comfort, emotional resonance, so as to narrow the distance between each other, to achieve the goal.That’s the kind of law they like.Moreover, After xiao Li contacted Yan Geling’s body, she paid more attention to Yan Geling.In order to restore beauty as soon as possible, Xiao Li in material efforts to meet Yan Yan’s requirements, but Yan Yan’s live broadcast room often appear an account, which caused xiao Li’s attention.They were together for more than a month when he found out That Yan yan had a child.In the face of Xiao Li step by step interrogation, Yan Yan finally told the truth.She is a divorced single mother.To give her son a better life, she had no choice but to turn to Internet broadcasting.However, no matter how tired she was, she tried to force a smile on her face.She is also looking forward to starting a family soon.A good man who accepts himself and his children.After hearing Yan Yan’s story, Xiao Li’s heart softened again.In this way, they dated as boyfriend and girlfriend for a year.In just over a year, Xiao Li painted yanyan many gifts, spending a total of more than 43,000 yuan.Yan Geling had told him that since entering his studio, Yan Geling had earned 120,000 yuan, of which he stole 30,000 or 40,000 yuan.The key to the gift-giving frenzy among fans like Li is that streamers are good at observing opponents and voting for their favorites.Coupled with their money-making mentality, they can accurately assess the situation and present themselves as unmarried or single mothers to win the favor and sympathy of fans.Xiao Li is either offline wechat transfer, or online brush gifts, or is using their sense of existence to brush themselves, so as to get the favor of yanyan, developed into a lover relationship, so this is the two people take what they need, make the best of the results.Third, the anchorwoman’s husband appeared, and there was a “big brother” in the living room.At that time, squatting in other people’s living room every day, waiting for the arrival of true love, Xiao Li made an unexpected discovery.The discovery was like a bucket of cold water poured over Bruce Lee from head to toe.Originally, Xiao Li noticed a person beside the child in Yan Yan’s live broadcast and asked who this person was.Do you look like a kid?Isn’t it father?He angrily asked Yan Geling.However, Yan Yan still lied to him that the photo was taken last year because she was still married last year.This made him angrier still.For a six or seven year old, he can’t see last year and this year?He asked Yanyan to tell the truth.If you have a family, he has another way to support you.Even if you did steal some money, you can’t put so much energy and emotion into it.But without your knowledge, he became a third party.There is a saying that: “often walk in the river where there are not wet shoes”, cheating for a long time, the general meeting revealed.Let xiao Li angry difficult flat is, boyfriend did not take, instead became a third party, Xiao Li does not believe the sweet words of yan Yan any more, he decided to pick up legal weapons to get justice for himself.During this xiao Li is aware of the active gallantry in the live broadcast room of the man actually there are two, one of them is Xiao Guo.At that time, Guo said, Yanyan openly told him that he had no family, so they spent some time together.He asked Lord Yan to meet him, but he continued to avoid him and ask for gifts.During their meeting, Guo transferred 4,500 yuan online to Yanyan’s wechat account and stole more than 15,000 yuan during the live broadcast.Later, fans in the studio told him that Yan had a family, which gave him a rude awakening.Under the investigation of Xiao Li’s perseverance, Yan Geling’s other boyfriend Yan Mou appeared again.Li said, Yichun has a brother named Chen Guo, also like Xiao Guo to brush gifts for her, she promised others, to send their children.Because he was with her every day on the air, and the minister saw that they were both seeing each other, and he talked to him privately.When the mediator asked Liu if he had a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship with both of them, liu denied it.I heard that Xiao Li took a photo of the two of them as evidence, but Yanyan didn’t think so.Xiaoli asked him angrily, how did you cheat me?You know what?”Don’t make me sick,” Yan sneered.”You are the most disgusting, you are not everyone.”In Yan Yan home, in the face of everyone’s inquiry, Yan Yan did not give a positive answer from beginning to end, and reported to the police.Ten minutes later, police from the local police station arrived at the scene.The police said that although the dispute between Xiao Li and Guo is not within their jurisdiction, the police station can help mediate now that Yan has called the police.However, Ms Yan refused to communicate or mediate privately.When the mediator asked her if she knew them on air, she said she wasn’t married?Yan Yan can say “I don’t answer”.Since this pair of former lovers never said a word, also did not give any answer, Xiao Li also could not bear to prevent Yan Yan from leaving.As they pushed her, She fell to the ground, claiming she had a heart attack, and left the police station.Emotion analysis.1) It is a crime to cheat and possess money for the purpose of marriage.After reading it, he was speechless.A woman with a family and children knows no boundaries and uses herself as bait to make money.She felt no shame at all.It’s pathetic to present yourself as an unmarried woman who loves someone else.They all went out to marry her, including giving her gifts and spending money online and offline.But the nature of the incident changed when it was later discovered that Not only had Yan Yan had a child, but that her family had not divorced either.They became the third party, and Yan became the open traitor anchor.This is not only a moral issue, but also an illegal appropriation of money in the name of talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and getting married.If the facts are clear and the evidence is really sufficient, it is fraud.Online friends should be careful, do not understand do not make friends.Nowadays, the Internet is very popular.Whether old, adult or child, they are always online.That’s why online dating is also a very common phenomenon, countless people are cheated.For the Internet, someone summed up a word: it is impossible to find love on the Internet, because of its impulsiveness.The real world is strange, after all.First of all, you don’t understand it.Second, you don’t know.Love on the Internet is untrustworthy and will cause you to regret it for the rest of your life.I suggest you think about it.Reality is much happier!You can’t say that all online relationships are cheating, but the online world is ultimately virtual.Even if you know the other person and feel sorry for him or her, you need to know more about the basics before you dare to say how you feel, otherwise you will regret it.3. I will be cheated because I am too greedy.Some people say they will be cheated, not because others are too cunning, but because they are too greedy.Xiao Li and Guo were attracted by his attractive appearance and unique identity from the beginning.Their ideas are not hard to understand.They all want beauty, but there is nothing good in the world, so if they want it, they have to give it away first, which is the norm of life.Passing on the living gift is also one of their wishes.It is hard to blame others, so to be deceived one must first reflect on one’s own behavior.Sylvia once said, “Love is hypnosis. When you wake up, it’s absorbed.That’s why when you fall in love, you always feel like you’re not only losing him, but a part of yourself.The one who is loved is always ahead of his spirit, while the one who is loved loses his soul.In every real relationship, there’s always someone who sacrifices their soul with cruel results.There is a popular saying on the Internet: money hurts and burns feelings.This may be a reflection of the emotional entanglements of men and women like them.Nowadays, more and more people are connected to the Internet, which is just a means of getting to know each other.Attention should be paid to offline communication.It’s best not to get into too many financial affairs without fully knowing the other person, so as not to cause yourself unnecessary trouble.

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