Who is the best player in LPL spring 2022?

Today is New Year’s Eve, 2022LPL spring game has already ended the competition before the year, in the game before which single play let you the most impressive?Data plane although LPL is currently on single shows a tendency of small talent blowout, but to say really alone a superior force on single in my opinion is not, of course it is also the current version of the situation, and the world game version is very different, the importance of the bottom half has gone beyond sits, has also led to the decline in the importance of the unit.But next door LCK brother Rascal sent a perfect performance, in KT other position teammates still not run in the situation, led KT to get 3-3 record and multiple teams with the same points tied for the third, can be called LCK before the performance of the most outstanding single.LPL did not have a dominant player like me in last year’s competition, of course, it is also related to the relative closeness of LPL’s overall level.In the author’s opinion can enter the LPL before the best single selection of the list of players is indeed many, but there is no one can directly choose the candidate without suspense.Theshy, on behalf of WBG, got a record of 4 wins and 1 losses, and ranked among the top singles in all data. Aside from the few players with fewer matches (EDG. Xiaoxiang, lgd. Garvey, IG.Zika), Theshy man ranked first in the data of 10 minutes of knife pressure, damage percentage, damage per point and so on.But the number of deaths is too high, and the reason Shy’s dominance is slipping is that I’m okay with Brother Shy being caught and killed, but I’m not okay with Being killed by Rich.But there’s no question that Theshy’s performance last year was worthy of the title of “top single god,” after all, no other player has done better than him.Bin, maybe a week or two ago, Bin director would not be in the discussion of the year’s best singles, but after the match with AL, the integration of Bin brother and RNG has become a bit slippery, although it is indeed a small sample to list Bin among the year’s best singles with only 3 BO3 performances.But winning the second MVP in a BO3 game against BLG was pretty impressive.If I were to narrow it down to which player had the best BO3 performance last year, I would definitely vote for Bin against BLG.OMG. Shanji and LNG.Ale, who won the title of best player in the first week and the second week, are undoubtedly candidates for the best player in the third week. Although the best player in the third week has not been officially announced, I think Bin’s performance in the third week should win.Shanji and Pheasant performed amazingly in the first week. When he first came to LPL arena, he helped OMG win 3 consecutive games, and did not lose a single game. He won the MVP and the best single in the first week, and won 3 MVPS alone.The loss to LGD was the most difficult, but a win against TES, who were also in poor form, allowed them to go into the New Year with a positive result.Ale, in fact, the Ale has been single on LPL: the author thinks the best choice, but always feel league Ale will more choice operation, a lot of 50-50 chance Ale basic can choose hard to play, but even more crucial to the playoffs, bubbling, the world stage, began to moderate the Ale will show his true form.Named 369, it is hard to imagine the beginning from the German cup to the league of endless struggle with JDG in years ago during the second half of 69 elder brother can start to stand out, you know as a result of the offseason documentary, 69 elder brother was once website forefront, and more to cost 69 elder brother is the TES DE cup title, let him look more like the black sheep.But it all changed from JDG and RNG’s race on January 14th, when Thain of 69 drove into Gala with a key flash, to JDG’s subsequent 2 wins in a row, and TES’s continued decline, Zoom and 69 exchanged hosts in this wave.The balance of public opinion has gradually shifted in favor of TES and JDG.But anyway, 369 really proved his worth, after also have UP master according to the characteristics of the top spot by 69 elder brother made a technical analysis, 69 elder brother play is bad barrels are the cause of his individual style, really don’t need too clinging to barrel play a year like XX of infarction, and those so-called bible believe 69 elder brother also use performance were those who laugh at his face.Other on sheet, including saint gun elder brother, breath elder brother, Rich, small tiger and so on also have good play, but the author feels the limelight is not as good as afore-mentioned a few sheng, and which on sheet is the LPL strongest on sheet before the reader in your mind?

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