Kimura Tazai two daughters live, rare with the frame female appearance level was completely crushed, facial features too passers-by

Believe in the chest of a lot of small fairies can have the existence of knitted cardigan, serve as the best sheet of concave modelling of qiu dong season heat preservation is tasted one of, taking into account heat preservation and tender sheet is tasted, can be worn indoors sheet, can be worn outdoors as the fashionable sheet that makes an appointment coat folds to wear.The style of cardigan is very much, from the version to the fabric and color need to consider the choice, a lot of public figures wearing cardigan is very instructive.Kimura Tazai’s two daughters Kimura heart beauty and Kimura light open live, two people rare with the frame, the eldest daughter Kimura heart beauty appearance level was completely crushed, five officials have to compare passers-by.On the other hand, Mitsuki Kimura, heavily made up in a dark brown printed cardigan and leggings, was tender and feminine.Kimura light when knitting cardigan collocation analysis: 1, dark printing knitting cardigan, pay attention to the color and design to wear out effect knitting cardigan needs most attention is the color, because most of the knitted cardigan version are almost the same, not too big change, so want to wear a bright eye effect, be about to notice between color and color to cooperate, it’s a lot of details.If the cardigan as a whole is based on dark tones, then the print will not look pompous, like mitsuki Kimura wearing a dark brown knit bloom with brown tones, the print is also with a little light color as an ornament.Note: If you want to make your cardigans stand out in your daily life, you can match them with contrasting colors. That is, if you have a print element on a sweater, you should change the shade of the color.For instance of large area is given priority to with black, can choose the printing of white, such dark tonal collocation, have fashionable effect simply already.2, profile cardigan style is more obvious, the effect is more ideal profile cardigan is more suitable for as a coat, slim type is more suitable as a choice of interior.The silhouette cardigan has a big highlight, the version is relatively thick, has a certain sense of heaviness, is suitable as a coat and tight style of pieces, and texture effect is good.The silhouette of the cardigan when matching and tight bottom matching effect is just loose outside tight inside, there is a certain sense of change, very thin.In addition, Kimura mitsuki’s choice of interior has a certain skin effect, the lines are simple and clear at the same time to show a kind of charm, the neckline on the face shape modification effect is really too good.3, lower body with minimalist design, avoid flowery style advanced knitting cardigan with printing element is the focus of the have enough, so the lower half of the match not too complex, the upper part of the knitting cardigan has selected profile, in order to highlight the human body and avoid fancy, direct collocation blue tights, and just was and simplified properly.Each single product can not be matched alone, the need for other single products in style and version of each other to complete the overall shape.Kimura Xinmei shirt modelling analysis :1, simple basic white shirt style simple figure and sister compared to sister wearing looks a lot simpler, sister wearing every place is very fine, in the selection of single products on some slightly worse.Kimura heart beauty is the most simple clothes based white shirt style, using the collocation of French style, the shirt to solve two buttons, but still be able to see, is not oversize of the the popular style, is the most basic, there is a certain line feeling, this kind of shirt gaiden directly, it is easy to expose figure,Fortunately, Kimura’s figure is still very good, wearing a white shirt with ease.2, scarf collocation for ornament, French style more thick women in clothing collocation in this respect are strange details, choose simple basic style as the main single product collocation is bound to have details of the ornament to make the shape become more rich and diverse.In this set of modeling collocation, sister is not only wearing a white shirt, the use of printing elements of the scarf ornament, the typical French style collocation presents a kind of beauty.However, there is a lack of air on the hairstyle, bangs are more suitable for the good girl, and the shirt and scarf collocation is slightly inconsistent.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.

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