Clever hand cut window flowers smile happy New Year

New Year fluttering Spring Festival, fun handwork to celebrate the New Year.In order to let the community children more feel the festive atmosphere of the New Year, experience the fun of manual paper cutting, recently, wangcheng community “4:30 school” volunteer teacher led the children to make handwork happy New Year together.On the same day, the reporter came to the “4:30 school” to see that the volunteer teacher is telling the children about the methods and skills of paper cutting, and to distribute paper cutting tools, hand in hand practice teaching.The teacher taught patiently, the children listened carefully, and in a short while, we were excited to move to operate.Cut paper, crease, sketch, cut…From simple to complex, from easy to difficult, with the teacher’s careful help, the children holding scissors in one hand, paper in the other hand, all look focused, play their creativity and imagination, cut out a beautiful window.”The red paper-cuts represent festival, which not only creates a thick festive atmosphere, but also cultivates children’s hands-on ability in the process of cutting paper-cuts, so that children can experience the fun of paper-cutting culture in a relaxed and happy environment and understand the traditional customs of the Spring Festival. It is very meaningful.”School teacher Lu Ping said.Learned, won for continuing to move for poverty alleviation “second half” article, dushan successively in YanJiaShan, yao shuttle resettlement area construction such as the “school” at 4:30, practical solution to move the children come home from school, unattended, homework no coaching to help the children into the new environment, enrich their after-school life, boost health joyful growth.At the same time, the “4:30 School” of Wangcheng Community has also opened an “open” mode during the holidays, and community staff and volunteer teachers continue to come here to guide children during the holidays.”Now, we can come here every day to do our homework, draw pictures and follow the teacher to do handcrafts. I feel very happy.”Wu Minglu, who lives in wangcheng community, said.(Li Guangyun, Dushan Rong Media Center)

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