Jinan continues to take the lead in the construction of strong provincial capitals

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Xiahou Fengchao held the first special meeting to implement the spirit of the provincial and municipal work mobilization conference, the first time to visit and docking service area of the enterprise unit, the first time to comb and refine the key work objectives and tasks……In the season of spring, Jinan, with its unwavering goal of building an internationalized first-class central city, will seize development opportunities and continue to press forward, and continue to forge ahead on the fast track of high-quality development with its energy and aggressive spirit.Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.Lixia, today is in accordance with the “walk” in the front row, comprehensive “three goeth before” always follow, total AIDS to navigation, positioning, and focus on international first-class city center construction overall goal, moderate grasp planning in advance, the compaction responsibility to catch on, as a whole element stresses the fall to the ground, with the attitude of high-quality development leader, energetic energy, Benedict is not idle,Strive to open up a new situation in the construction of an international first-class central city, and continue to lead and take the lead in the construction of a strong modernized socialist provincial capital in the new era.Aim higher, anchor development, pressure, advance, think deeply, and then move.Provincial, municipal work of mobilization meeting held blowing the battle-cry of New Year endeavor, lixia district immediately thoroughly study and apply in provincial, municipal work mobilization meeting spirit, according to the municipal party committee “to play a leading leading role, a good quality in the city development leaders” requirement, further alignment with responsibilities in the provinces and cities development orientation, aim higher pressure.Focusing on key areas such as economic development, urban construction, social governance and livelihood protection, Lixia District has constantly explored new, practical and detailed measures, studied and formulated higher-standard work objectives, and promoted high-quality development to achieve tangible results.In terms of speeding up the construction of the central Business District, promoting the protective transformation of Mingfu City, upgrading the modernization level of social governance, and cultivating and expanding emerging industries such as human resources, digital economy, and medical and health care, Lixia District will constantly improve its objectives, tasks and working standards, and fully integrate into the national strategy and the overall development of provinces and cities.Adhering to a problem-oriented approach, we will find the right entry point and breakthrough point, boldly break new ground, boldly try, boldly change, and always stand at the forefront of high-quality development and take the lead in the construction of strong provincial capitals.From February 7th to 10th, the main leaders of the District Party Committee and the district government led a team to visit more than 10 key enterprises and provincial units for 4 days, and sorted out more than 20 questions in 5 categories, such as factor guarantee, property service and safety production, put forward by enterprises in time.Thirteen streets have connected with nearly 100 enterprises in the area, and multiple departments have ensured the smooth resumption of 14 projects after the festival.At the beginning of the New Year, lixia people use the efficient “Lixia speed” and “Lixia temperature” to depict a vibrant “spring ploughing” map.This year, Lixia District takes improving work efficiency and service level as an important starting point to help the high-quality development of the district. Taking the opportunity of “Investment Promotion Service Year”, lixia District has set up special service classes to continuously optimize the business environment, service enterprise development and assist project construction, and promote the rapid and efficient implementation of various work.From the Spring Festival holiday to the working days after the festival, it has become a normal working condition to go deep into the enterprises, units and projects of the district, listen to appeals and solve problems, from the direct departments to the streets and communities, from the leading cadres to the staff.Lixia District has always provided more “sunshine and rain” for enterprise development and project construction with more superior service policies, more perfect service mechanism and more efficient service efficiency.Take more detailed measures, focus on the target, continue to follow up and closely follow the province’s “ten innovation” task requirements, standard the city’s “12 reform and innovation action” arrangement and deployment, Lixia district comprehensive sorting out the key work and development goals of the district, clear goals and tasks one by one, refine the work plan one by one, consolidate specific measures one by one, step by step compaction of the main responsibility.At the same time, the implementation of project management mode, wall map operation, responsibility to the people, continue to follow up, to ensure that the target tasks in the city first, the province in the forefront.Focusing on key targets and tasks, Lixia District combined with the actual situation, developed more in-depth and detailed, effective measures.In terms of urban renewal, we will accelerate the development and construction of districts, promote the clustering development of characteristic industrial parks, and strive to build a new pattern of urban development.In improving the industrial structure, we will continue to consolidate and expand the leading edge of the financial sector and the headquarters economy, expand and strengthen emerging industries such as human capital, digital economy, biomedicine and new-generation information technology, and build a new system of modern industries.In terms of improving the level of urban governance, we will focus on the urgent and anxious problems of the masses, strengthen refined urban management, consolidate grassroots grid governance, promote the construction of “red-collar property”, and deepen the social psychological services of “Clear springs and Run-heart”.To improve people’s wellbeing, we will comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of public services such as education, medical care, elderly care and employment, so that people will have a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.The style is more solid and courageously strive to advance effectively strive to achieve dreams, hard work to create brilliance.In the face of the new journey and new tasks, Lixia District will vigorously promote the work style of “strict, true, detailed, practical and fast”, with the energy of “no time for me, seize the moment”, the strength of “facing problems and overcoming difficulties”, the tenacity of “perseverance, long for success”, the first-class thing to fight for, the only flag is to win.With the strength of stepping stone to leave marks and grasping iron to carry the glorious mission of “leading the way” and highlight the responsibility of “spearheading”.Of the broad masses of party members and cadres to strengthen the awareness of first, carry forward the fighting spirit, overcome the difficult in long skills, talents, forging “have a big fight good, dare to fight, to win the” good style of work, in all the condensed flourished to grasp the development of the strong force, boost confidence in the new journey ahead leading and confidence.We will make responsibility, performance, and entrepreneurship the strongest voices in the new era, and strive to use the “solid performance index” to bring about the “development index” and the “happiness index” of the people.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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