The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are on fire!American and European athletes interact with Chinese robots, European and American netizens praise

Beijing time on February 4, winter Olympics opening ceremony in today night will formally, it is worth mentioning that in recent days in a week of Europe and the United States athletes of the Olympic village and the staff, all facilities inside the Olympic village full of praise, especially a lot of robot service more let they sigh in the security of the Olympic village, and high-tech power.I don’t know what you think about that, but let me know in the comments section below, and we’ll do it together. Thank you.In fact, at the end of January, when the Winter Olympics closed the loop inside the Olympic Village, a number of robot experiments began.At that time, local media reporters in Beijing enjoyed the interactive service of the robot in the media restaurant.There are robot bartenders in the restaurant that can whip up a cocktail in just five seconds and even start a robot dance.The operation was amazing, and the European and American athletes had a great time interacting with the machines when they checked in.Videos shared by foreign athletes and journalists on social media show intelligent robots from China conversing with athletes, reminding them to wear masks and take temperature readings, and even performing cooking tasks.One short fat robot, called benben, but it is not stupid, it particularly lovely, even the most busy icecube center of robot, a lot of work to do, to be responsible for cleaning disinfection, guide the epidemic prevention tips and delivery work, with an average person also not to be able to really busy, I’m afraid to run a leg.Not only so, the restaurant cooking robot is quite smart, for food processing, for cooking food is also in place, so the practice of foreign athletes and media with admiration, even there are a number of European and American netizens after watch the video they release, a piece of praise, envy them a player to the winter Olympic Games village to enjoy such good services,It was an eye-opener to enjoy such a high-tech service.This also fully shows that science and technology change life, the author believes that this Winter Olympic Games is likely to be a pilot trial, once a good effect is achieved, it is likely to follow a large number of mechanized work, will gradually start to promote in China.It looks like our lives will change even further without waiting until 2030.

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