Training and combat support detachment to carry out in-depth drinking control work

In order to thoroughly implement the relevant requirements of drinking control of the Ministry, bureau and corps, we will further strictly control and treat alcohol during holidays, increase the intensity of regular drinking detection, strictly enforce work discipline, strengthen team management, and resolutely eliminate illegal drinking.In addition to the sampling test of the drinking control system, the training and combat support detachment strengthened the drinking control and control of all the commanders and fighters in the detachment by combining the methods of Monday morning inspection, centralized inspection by roll call, on-the-go inspection and surprise inspection at night.The Party Committee of the detachment attaches great importance to the “high-tension line” idea of drinking control set up by all the commanders and fighters in the work of alcohol control, and defines tasks, measures and responsibilities from the aspects of daily control, drinking report and normal detection, so as to weave a comprehensive “safety net” of drinking control.In the normal detection process, the detachment strictly followed the drinking detection process, carried out air blowing test with alcohol tester on site or in front of video camera, and the detachment inspector registered the test results one by one.Since the Spring Festival holiday, the detachment has conducted six alcohol tests on more than 30 people, and no illegal drinking was found.The next step, the team will continue to maintain the strength of drinking detection, strict requirements, strict management, firmly compaction of all levels of wine control and wine work responsibility, fully formed a high pressure situation of wine control and wine control, effectively and comprehensively strengthen safety risk prevention and control, firmly ensure the team a high degree of safety and stability.

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