Can your meat mincer shred garlic in addition to mincing meat?Real evaluation of colorful dingdang meat grinder

Making dumplings, no matter in the north or the south, is a custom.In particular, families with more members may invite relatives and friends to visit their homes, but they need to make a lot of dumplings at one time.Dumplings must be their own package, go to the supermarket to buy back can not have that atmosphere, and packaging dumplings, choose what meat, can be really unclear.If from buy meat back to start chopping, the whole operation down can be very tired, but in the market to ask people to help mincing meat, also afraid of unsanitary.Well, in fact, at home can also feel at ease in the ground meat, is to have such a artifact auxiliary – colorful jingle meat grinder.This is a very elegant appearance, internal strength of the ground meat expert, as long as 8 seconds can complete the ground meat task, fast, convenient and do not have to chop meat chop hands tired, the key is their own choice of meat, just more at ease.Colorful dingdang meat grinder is not a simple machine, but a set of meticulous matching.Ground meat, peeling, slicing and other multiple operations in one, can easily help users to complete fillings, sauces, fruit puree, slicing/slicing and other ingredients, even if you do not know how to knife can also become a chef oh.First of all, we need to complete the combination of the colorful jingle meat grinder. New users need to know how to install so many accessories and how to use them.This big glass bowl is the main loading material, the glass bowl is thickened, 6-7mm thick, the edge of the bowl has anti-slip lines, more stable when using, and will not taste. I have used other meat grinder before, its bowl is made of stainless steel, after washing, the inner wall is still a taste.I believe you can see it at a glance.A rubber ring is installed at the bottom of the glass bowl, for anti-slip, this first step can not be ignored.Then is the installation of the blade, the new packaging of the blade is a protective cover, but also remember to take down and then install, or it can not be ground meat operation.Install the first layer of blades first. The two layers are separated from each other so that even new users will not be confused.Install the second blade and the blade will be installed.In fact, only one layer of blade can also be ground meat operation, and two layers of blade will be more ground, the ground meat effect is better.Compared with other meat mincer only a single knife, this meat mincer is a double layer three-dimensional blade, in the ground when you don’t have to worry about only ground ingredients lead to ground uneven.Of course, the blade is very sharp, not only their own installation should pay attention to, there are young children at home can not let him touch oh!Then put on the inner cover, which needs to be aligned with the card position to be well covered. After the cover is well covered, the cover plays a role in preventing food spout and fixing the blade.Integrated head, with glass bowl cover contact area is larger and more stable, sinking head to reduce the vibration when twisting.Finally the main machine cover, the whole colorful jingle meat grinder will be combined.Did not think that the meat grinder can also have such a delicate design?The refinement comes more from the top design, the overall white appearance, with rose gold embellishment, visually feel good.The position of rose gold not only enhances the look and feel, but also controls the position, which is easier to identify and operate.A total of two control points, the top is the start button, as long as the power has been pressed, can continue to start the motor operation, release the button, the motor will immediately stop running.Next to the up and down two gear adjustment is the gear key, is to choose the strength of minced meat.First gear is wringing soft ingredients, such as wringing vegetables or supplementary fruit puree for the baby;The second can be used to grind hard ingredients, like potatoes or meat, so it’s easier to keep track of the thickness of the ingredients.Buttons are not many, simple and clear, the key is still to see the following ability to wring meat oh.The above installation is only a combination of ground meat, in addition, the blade group can be replaced for the plane group, it can replace another purpose.And this capacity is not small glass bowl but the main purpose, more on later.This is the slicing/slicing set, which provides a slicer and two slicers, which can be installed on the exclusive bowl cover respectively. The installation and disassembly need to hold the bowl cover with both hands and push it with two thumbs, and you can use it after several attempts.In the upper left corner is the hand protector, which has several nails to hold the ingredients in place for quick slicing/slicing.Well, all the accessories and installation methods of the colorful jingle meat grinder are understood, and you will understand how to operate at a basic look. Here is the food production.First, of course, to experience minced meat, which is the main function of the machine.Our family is small, so we don’t have to make too many dumplings at a time, so we don’t put so much meat.And this 2L glass bowl, full capacity, for large families, put more meat into, no problem.Put the meat, cover the bowl cover and the main force, press the start button when the power is on, the 300W pure copper motor will start wringing immediately, wringing speed is very fast, and the temperature will not be too high after wringing for many times.From the glass bowl can intuitively see the process of a few seconds of wringing meat, the effect is very obvious, the speed is quite amazing, and the process of wringing meat will not be a lot of sound, I believe there is a baby at home, will not be scared oh.The speed of mincing meat is indeed as advertised by the manufacturer, which only takes 8 seconds to complete.Take the lid off the bowl and see that the meat is fairly uniform, ready for filling and steaming.Now try to do garlic, need to change accessories to open two steps oh.The first is to use the paring device, first garlic skin, just can go grinding oh.Look, the garlic has been turned in the bowl, it looks quite dynamic.Peeling effect is also quite obvious, garlic skin many have fallen off, there is a little need to gently take down the line, leaving a lot of manual pain.The next step is to change the upper blade set for grinding.The grinding process is also immediate and takes only a few seconds to turn the garlic into a puree.And voila, you’ve got the fine garlic, you put it in the soy sauce dish, you put the soy sauce on it and it’s a dumpling companion.Garlic paste can also go to fried vegetables, steamed seafood, etc., the purpose is not to say.Then try the slicing/slicing combination. Lotus root, radish, etc.First slice the lotus root, install the knife tip, cover the glass bowl, the lotus root is also fixed on the hand protector, ready to “brush”.That’s it. That’s it. That’s it.Cut lotus root slices are like this, one by one is quite thin, you can directly go to the cool fried lotus root slices to eat.The next step is to shred the carrots in the same way as slicing, by changing the tip of the knife.The cutting head has two sizes, it is good to change according to their own needs.Obviously, slicing can be done a little bit faster than slicing, and it can be done with a brush.So that’s the result, and immediately you’re ready to stir-fry.The operation of the above three meat mincer is to make dumplings. I also put the cut silk into the meat and wring everything, which can easily become dumpling stuffing and then make dumplings together happily.Making dumplings at home is not only a custom, but also to increase the family view, increase the fun sense of parent-child relationship, and the ingredients are under their own control, full of peace of mind.The important thing is, it’s much easier and more efficient to make fillings with a colorful jingle meat grinder.Cooked dumplings, sticky with colorful dingdang meat grinder ground garlic, can eat more flavor.From the point of view of the whole operation process, with colorful dingdang meat grinder to make dumplings, it is very easy, the effect is immediate.Of course, the colorful jingle meat mincer with strong wring force is matched with the support of slicing/slicing set. In addition to wring meat as stuffing, it can also easily make sauce, fruit mud, etc., saving a lot of cutting, cutting and chopping coolie operation. Food grade material, it is more assured to use.Make home cooking easier and more fun.

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