Dezhou launched a pilot project to standardize budget performance to improve efficiency in the use of fiscal resources

Qilu network · Lightning news On February 16, dezhou City Finance Bureau started the standardized management of budget performance pilot work, determined the city urban Management Bureau and other 15 departments as the standardized management of budget performance pilot units.Dezhou Finance Bureau guides and urges all pilot units to closely follow the whole process of performance management before, during and after the event, carry out performance evaluation before the event, improve performance objective management, strengthen performance operation monitoring, establish performance self-evaluation mechanism, and timely rectify projects with slow budget implementation.We will encourage the public to believe that when money is spent, results will be accounted for and inefficiency will be held accountable, and strive to improve the efficiency of the allocation and use of fiscal resources.Lightning news reporter Liu Zhen Zhou Shumao photography Liu Jia correspondent Cao Lu Xiao Yanan dezhou report

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