Lai Yawen, “green leaf of Women’s Volleyball team” : assisted Lang Ping to win the gold medal. She had been in love with her husband for 14 years and became a military wife at 33

When it comes to Chinese women’s volleyball, many people first think of the spirit of women’s volleyball, and when it comes to the most famous Chinese women’s volleyball player, lang Ping is without doubt.And in the 1990s, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team also had an extremely outstanding star, she is Lai Yawen.As the captain of the Women’s volleyball team, Lai led the team to a hard-won Olympic silver medal in 1996 when it was at its lowest ebb.After retirement, she has been conscientious and conscientious, almost completely contribute their time to volleyball, volleyball can be said to contribute all their strength, busy to even the son can not see every day, but also called aunt by his son.So what is it about volleyball that appeals to Lai so much?Lai Yawen was born in Dalian in 1970. In fact, she did not practice volleyball at first. Her parents sent her to a sports school to practice track and field in order to keep her fit.A coach of liaoning women’s volleyball team came to the sports school to select players. Lai yawen, who was only 12 years old at that time but already 1.8 meters, attracted her attention.So Lai yawen began his volleyball career.At the time, she did not expect her volleyball career to be so successful.Lai yawen through their own hard training, soon showed his talent.After five years of training, she joined the national women’s Volleyball Youth team and successfully became a member of the national women’s Volleyball team two years later.The tall Lai yawen has excellent athletic ability, but also has a very delicate technique, let her quickly in the position of the assistant attack outstanding, became the first Asian assistant attack.When in an interview with the media asked ya-wen as Asia’s first blocker, ever want to be followed, as a team the real core, from this time, her heart leaves, ya-wen also very humbly said he doesn’t mind whether ace spiker or blocker, as long as the team can win.They may not look as brilliant to outsiders, but they are an integral part of the team.At that time, the women’s volleyball team had lost the glory of five consecutive titles and gradually fell into a low ebb.As the captain of the team, Lai yawen hopes to lead the women’s volleyball team back to the top of the world.It is a pity that in the three Women’s Volleyball World Championships, the girls all failed.She was too young and nervous for her first competition.For the second time, she was the captain of the team, but the team did not perform well and only finished eighth.The third time was the favorite year to win, but she came back with only one runner-up after traveling ill.In 1998, she retired after suffering from injuries.After more than ten years of sports career, she almost carried the whole national team on her own during the low stage of the national team. However, no world champion has become her eternal regret.After retirement, the General Administration of Sports had arranged for her to go abroad to continue playing basketball or go to school for further study. Her friends also encouraged her to start some business, but Lai refused.She loved volleyball so much that she wanted to make another contribution to the cause of Women’s volleyball in China. She hoped that students could complete their unfinished work.With this dream in mind, she devoted herself to the coaching industry after retirement and began to cultivate talents for Chinese volleyball.A year after retiring from the sport, Lai threw himself into coaching.Her boyfriend at the time, Liu Guojun, also gave her a lot of help behind her decision.Liu Guojun, a member of the August 1st Men’s basketball team, met Lai yawen in 1990.Soon after, Liu guojun retired, and in the Air force engaged in scientific research work, relatively relaxed.And it was his help and support that gave Lai enough confidence to go into coaching.After retiring, Lai was an assistant coach of the women’s national volleyball team, a role she played in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.However, fate seems to have played a joke on her as the Chinese women’s volleyball team failed to reach the semi-finals, its worst result at the Olympics.At that time, there was a clamour of public opinion about her, but she did not give up, chose to continue to struggle in the post of assistant coach.Throughout 2001, she accompanied her teammates to the devil’s training, only hoping to lead the Chinese women’s volleyball team back to the top at the World Championships a year later.Before the match, the overall state of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team had recovered to some extent, and was considered by the media at home and abroad as a strong contender for the championship. However, some of the national players failed to play well in the match, and finally only got the fourth place.All of a sudden, The Chinese women’s volleyball team was caught in the center of public opinion, but Lai Yawen, as a teaching assistant, took all the responsibility. Behind the back, she always reflected on what training methods should be adopted to make the Chinese women’s volleyball team win the long-lost champion cup.As an athlete and coach, Lai has never been a champion, which has become her biggest annoyance.Liu Guojun is also very clear to this, so he often accompanies Lai Yaven mountain climbing boating, go out to relax, help her dispel the trouble in the heart.Liu Guojun also encouraged her and enlightened her, saying that competitive sports are accidental, and he believed that The Chinese women’s volleyball team would surely return to the top of the world under her leadership.In liu Guojun’s company, Lai Yawen restored self-confidence, she began to be full of energy, she wants to overcome all opponents to win the championship.He said he would marry after the team returned to the top of the world.Lai yawen experienced everything, the volleyball girl and the head coach Chen Zhonghe all see in the eyes.They also secretly determined, must win this world champion, let Lai Yawen put on wedding dress as soon as possible.Finally, in November 2003, The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team won the World Cup with 11 consecutive wins.Looking at the five-star red flag flying high in the stadium, Lai yawen shed tears of emotion.Speaking after the match, she also expressed her excitement: “I’m so happy that this day has finally come for me.I want to thank all the players and my colleagues, as well as all my friends who helped me and especially encouraged me during the most difficult times.Without them, I would not have made it today and I would not have won this gold medal. I am so happy…”And get the champion, far in the domestic Liu Guojun the first time dialed lai Yawen’s phone: still remember we said good?”How could I forget? It’s been 13 years. It’s about time.On December 21, 2003, lai Yawen, 33 years old, finally got married with a flourish, and she became the “military wife” in people’s population.Finally after 13 years of love long-distance running, two people get married.Lai’s wedding was simple and low-key, as she brought her parents from Liaoning province to Beijing. The focus was on family ties, just like an ordinary family gathering, full of warmth.Ms. Lai, who usually has to be serious as a coach, looked beautiful in her wedding dress and flowers.Nearby, Liu guojun put a love ring on her finger.Lai yawen has been like the position on the pitch, willing to act as green leaves, is very low-key.Still remember in return to the celebration party, Lai Yawen took the initiative to choose to sit in the back row, but also refused all media interviews, take the initiative to the stage before the beautiful to others.In the wedding, remember to ask lai Yawen about the fun of two people in love, the shy Lai Yawen is particularly embarrassed, do not know how to answer, she even hid the reporter, let her husband to be interviewed.However from lai Yawen’s expression, enough insight to see her happiness at the moment.However, the wedding did not change lai’s identity, she is still the assistant coach of the national women’s volleyball team, who also shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Athens Olympic Games, so after the wedding did not even take a honeymoon, back to the court with the players to work hard.Just a month after their marriage, the women’s volleyball team began training for the Olympic Games, so the newlyweds had to live apart.In order to let his wife rest assured, Liu Guojun comforted his wife to take care of themselves, everything to the national honor.But then in May, lai found out she was pregnant.This lets originally the lai Yawen with great psychological pressure did not want the child’s plan.But Liu Guojun insisted that the child must stay, or later pregnant children too old is also too dangerous.Lai Yawen insisted on coming down with her husband’s encouragement and innate maternal love.But those months were hard for Lai, who spent 10 hours training with the team during the day, couldn’t sleep or eat at night and suffered from pregnancy sickness.Liu Guojun is also very considerate, often visit his wife, see his wife pregnant still adhere to the court to care about the progress of women’s volleyball girls, Liu Guojun can not help but shed tears, said to his wife that this is the most beautiful wife he has ever seen.In this difficult environment, Lai yawen spent the months leading up to the Olympics.When the Olympics began in August 2004, the moment Lai had been waiting for finally arrived.The Chinese team made it through to the finals.In the final, The Chinese team beat Russia 3-0 in the group stage, so the domestic and foreign media had great confidence in China before the game.In the match both sides of the back and forth, in the situation of two times behind, tenacious will aggregate score 2-2, both sides into the decider.After falling behind twice and coming back in the tiebreaker, The Chinese women’s volleyball team dominated Russia in the final game and finally won the final set 15-13 on aggregate to become the Olympic champion.After finally experienced many failures, Lai Yawen finally completed her dream most wanted to complete with the identity of the coach.After returning to China, Liu Guojun is holding a big bunch of flowers to meet his wife, right now Lai Yawen has been pregnant for 5 months, he will call his wife a hero mother, and expressed deep gratitude to Lai Yawen.A few months later, in January 2005, their baby was born in Beijing.Within a few months, winning a gold medal and having a baby, Lai was the happiest man in the world.But Lai did not forget her career and returned to the national team three months after giving birth.Because of her busy training work, Lai often does not see her children.Even after a year and a half, the baby doesn’t recognize its mother.When Lai yawen came home early one day, the child hid behind his father with his mother on his face, which made people laugh and cry.In the face of Lai Yawen, the child even a mother is not called exports, and even called an aunt, which makes Lai Yawen feel sad.He cried and told his child that he owed him so much that he would make it up to him when he retired.In the following years, she was still busy training, hoping to help the Chinese women’s volleyball team win another gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to Brazil in the semifinals, and eventually won the bronze medal.Subsequently as Chen Zhonghe class, Lai Yawen also ended his teaching assistant career, ready to go to the volleyball management center engaged in administrative work, she promised her husband and wife will accompany them in the next time to live a good life.However, the new head coach knew lai yawen’s importance to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, so he hoped lai could return to teaching.Lai Yawen has deep feelings for volleyball readily agreed, which also let Liu Guojun feel unhappy, think Lai Yawen did not discuss with yourself, did not consider their feelings.It also led to a row.In this regard, Lai Yawen patiently explained to her husband that she, as a volleyball person, has an unshirkable responsibility for China’s volleyball.In fact, Liu Guojun is not unable to understand his wife’s mood, as a soldier he once dabbled in sports, deeply understand that kind of dedication to the country.He said to his wife, “ONLY if you are happy, I will be happy.” At the same time, he hoped to spend more time with their children if possible. After all, parents are heaven to their children.In this way, Lai yawen left her teaching assistant career for more than 20 years, in the middle of which she and Lang Ping met again in the national team, this is the second time after 1995.In 2015 and 2016, The Chinese women’s volleyball team became a veritable dream team by winning consecutive World Cup and Olympic titles, but lai’s quiet efforts were crucial behind it.After winning the gold medal, his husband Liu Guojun also expressed his heart to his wife, saying that he would tell his wife’s story to their children and make them proud of their mother.During her tenure, Lai yawen experienced two low ebb and returned to glory twice. Lai yawen can be regarded as the best witness of Chinese women’s volleyball team.In 2017, with her qualifications, Lai yawen could have been appointed as the deputy director of the volleyball Management Center. However, out of her love for The National Women’s Volleyball Team, she returned to lead the first team and helped the National Women’s Volleyball Team successfully defend the title in the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, showing the spirit of the national women’s volleyball team to the Chinese people.After returning home, Lai yawen and the women’s volleyball team boarded the float to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and received the applause of the whole country. Liu Guojun was also in front of the TV, proudly looking at his wife.4. Now lang Ping has stepped down as the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.According to the center’s latest announcement, Lang Ping has become a member of a team of experts involved in selecting a new head coach.And Lai Yawen became the deputy leader of this work, two people changed an identity, three times to cooperate.Interestingly, lang Ping was the head coach the first two times and he was the green leaf behind, but now HE is lang Ping’s leader.But for Lai, green leaves and red flowers are not important. She just wants to devote her life to volleyball.This is Lai Aven, a woman who is said to have married the volleyball.Looking back on my career, I was full of regret when I was an athlete. After retirement, I went through a rough time as a coach, but I persevered silently and finally realized my dream. This shows people the power of persistence and the power of belief, which is also the true meaning of the spirit of Chinese women’s volleyball team.Wei Qiuyue, one of the most beautiful women’s volleyball players in Asia, married Lang Ping, a teaching assistant, and met her husband at the age of 15. Chen Zhaodong, “one-armed volleyball general”, died after her death, Lang Ping and Zheng Haixia mourned. Ma Yunwen, a retired Chinese women’s volleyball player, married a 17-year-old American boyfriend, whose husband helped Lang Ping win the gold medal

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