The first call to arms in Chinese history, clear intention, clear reward and punishment, no wonder Qi can create the Xia Dynasty

The first call to arms in Chinese history, “Oath of Peace”, is a real sense of the “King’s Speech”, more than 4,000 years ago.It is an excellent work to inspire the team to fight. It is worth learning from and sharing with the team leaders.Before reading “The King’s Speech”, let me take a look at the context in which this call to arms came into being.It was the first life-and-death battle that Qi experienced after he ascended the throne, and also a landmark battle in his transition from public rule to family rule.Why is it a fight to the death?Because your opponent Is no weakling.The Youhu clan, a member of the Xia Dynasty, shared the same name as Qi, had often been at war with them during the reign of Yu, and had a strong operational experience and a good understanding of the tactics of yu’s and Qi’s armies.Fighting an opponent who knows who you are is extremely dangerous, because your every move is expected by the opponent.Therefore, Qi paid special attention to youhu’s opponent.After qi gained the power, he hosted a banquet at Juntai to build up his authority. In this way, you hu’s opinions on Qi’s regime became even stronger.Since the beginning of Yao, “the world is the Lord” is said to be zen, Yao shun, Shun yu;But after Yu, the tradition of Zen abdication was broken.And this “break” is not only a change in the system, but a change in the core layer of power.In the Era of Zen abdication, the throne was jointly chosen by the chiefs of the tribal alliance, which was equivalent to several tribes taking turns to hold the throne.Now Qi has succeeded in taking the throne and changed the system of Zen surrender to the system of inheritance. That is to say, the core of power has been transferred from the previous major tribes to the Qi family, and the masters have become minions. How can the tribal leaders who have been kicked out have no objection?Besides, Yu appointed Bo Yi, not Qi, as his successor before his death.In addition, yao son Danzhu, Shun son Shang Jun, these second ancestors also did not inherit the throne of their father, why should Qi sit on yu’s throne?This was something you Hu was worried about, and many old tribal chiefs did not dare to say.Qi naturally guess what these people think, he is anxious with you Hu’s war, is to eliminate this kind of thought in the bud, do not let it spread everywhere, after all, a single spark can start a prairie fire.Thus, there is this denunciation of you Hu.How popular is this call to arms about this call to arms from over four thousand years ago, from The Book of History.Never mind the age, the content is what many of today’s pompous speeches and endless documents lack.The king said, “Excuse!Six things of the people, to swear to tell you: there is Hu shi bully five elements, idle abandon sanzheng, the day with the annihilation of its life, today to but respect the day of punishment.If the left does not attack the left, you will not respect your orders.If you do not attack the right, you will not obey your orders.If the horse is not right, you will not obey.Use life, reward in ancestors;17, Nu took his life, but killed him, so I pulled you.”Rev of this speech, the vernacular, like this: all six army soldiers, I hereby solemnly warn you: there are jhao’s against god’s will, they speak of said, don’t follow the rule of law, has been passed down from ancient to zhengde, waste utilization, health three corridors, so god want to cut off his trucking, today I’m going to pursue the will of god, have followed jhao’s punishment.The soldier on the left of the chariot who is not good at shooting at his mortal enemy does not obey my commands.The soldier on the right, who is not skilled at striking his foe with his own spear, does not obey my command.If the soldiers in the middle do not allow their horses to advance or retreat properly, they are also disobeying my orders.Whoever obeys my command, I will reward you in front of the ancestral tablets;If you disobey, I will punish you in front of the ancestral tablets, or banish you, or kill you.Xia Qi’s words are clear and easy to understand.At a stroke, soldiers understood why they were fighting, who they were fighting, what role they were playing in the war, how they were going to meet their goals, and how they were going to be punished.Rewards and punishments are so clear that even soldiers at the grassroots level can understand them.Such orders are naturally smooth and immediate.What’s so good about The speech what’s so good about the speech?In short, it’s simple, concise and down-to-earth.Do not underestimate this point, it is extremely difficult to see such a down-to-earth speech in the polemical polemical treatise of later times.Let’s forget grammar and just talk about feeling — Qi’s speech is really good!As the king of ten thousand people, it is always others to adapt to him, there is no reason for him to take the initiative to adapt to others, so is his speech.Many later emperors always deliberately say some unfathom words, just in order not to let their ministers guess their own ideas.But in this way, the ministers can only figure out the meaning, the result has delayed the time, but also wasted a lot of time.Even today, many leaders try to establish authority by deliberately equivocating, resulting in poor and sometimes self-defeating command execution.In fact, the best command is to make the other side understand.As an emperor, Qi was able to clearly arrange the division of labor of soldiers on the battlefield, indicating that he had rich practical experience, which was quite different from the second Ancestor, who only grew up in the palace.This is the greatest triumph of the polemic.Although the upper leaders always have a hill-house thinking, but the pattern is different, different understanding, as the bottom executor, it may be difficult to understand the profound intention of the leader, rather than just assign tasks, simple and direct decrees, but also convenient layer by layer communication, to the end of the intention will not be distorted.This is common in team management. Many senior leaders release documents that clearly say this meaning, but after layer upon layer of communication, they either discount it or change it into another meaning, but make a mistake.Qi had been involved in political affairs along with his father Yu at an early age. He also led his own troops to battle everywhere and understood the frontline. Therefore, when assigning tasks, qi could be concise and clear, ensuring that his orders could be completely conveyed to the frontline soldiers.This preamble only talks about two things: first, you Hu are disobedient and deviate from us, so we have to beat them into submission;Two is to go to the battlefield to perform their respective duties, keep their own posts to get commendation, did not keep their posts to suffer punishment, light when the slave, the heavy directly grant death.The division of labor is clear, rewards and punishments are clear, everyone knows how to guard their posts, the team has strong discipline, natural organization, combat ability has also been improved.In many teams, it is precisely necessary to have a clear division of labor, reward and punishment, and everyone to do their own thing, so as to improve the core combat effectiveness of the team.So, kai’s “King’s Speech” still has a lot to learn from.Special note: all the pictures in this article are from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.Reference: Shang Shu, Zhonghua Book Company.

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