Yi Men police to escort traffic safety

Since the Spring Festival, The Public Security Bureau of Yimen County has adhered to the policy of “prevention first”, and all the policemen on duty and auxiliary police have always stuck to their posts, comprehensively strengthening the road traffic order management at the provincial, county, township and village levels, and creating a good road traffic environment for the people to spend an orderly, safe and smooth Spring Festival.As of February 3, Yimen county has a total of 35 traffic accidents, minor injuries to 4 people, no major casualties of traffic accidents and traffic congestion.This Spring Festival, the temperature plummeted, with the lowest temperature at night being just zero degrees.In the face of such bad weather as low temperature, big temperature difference between day and night, dalongkou county public security bureau in strict accordance with the security requirements of the Spring Festival, at all levels will police sinking to the highway at all levels to the greatest extent, open “white + black” model, comprehensively strengthen the road patrol, check the intensity and frequency, comprehensive education of all kinds of traffic violations and penalties, efficient command order scenic area traffic and parking,Do “see the police during the day, see the police lights at night”, to prevent road traffic accidents.Traffic police brigade focus on strengthening highway and provincial, county secondary roads under patrol control dynamics, the passenger vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, such as the key the key inspection, crackdown on passenger vehicles one overload, driving without a license, drink driving, such as severe traffic violations, be found together, investigate together, correct together, form a bat heavy place,Improve the effectiveness of road inspection, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents.Each police station combines the actual situation of the area in succession to carry out road traffic management work in the area to prevent traffic accidents in rural areas.PuBei sent step so car tour, tour the way of combining strengthen pavement scouts and accident hidden danger point at night the renovation work, focusing on traffic dense E patrol agriculture digital plaza, new street, street level, to prevent the occurrence of congestion and road traffic accidents, road traffic safety hazards along the highway of the February 3, 1, set up warning signs warning with more than 200 meters.Green juice police station every day to the area of scenic spots “green juice slope view observatory” to carry out traffic order maintenance, command vehicles parking and traffic, education vehicle drivers slow down, do not fight for the road, so that tourists happily come, safe and secure all back, by the majority of tourists.The tenth Street police station strengthened the patrol and control of county and township secondary roads, set up duty stations at the intersection of Luping Line and Laoyu E line, carried out special rectification on the behavior of roadside stalls, and educated and persuaded stall owners and drivers not to trade on the side of the road to prevent traffic accidents.Xiaojie police station to strengthen the area of six small line, shixiao line and other highways road inspection, strictly check driving without a license, illegal manned and other illegal acts.Review: Yang Yongyun editor: Tang Xinhua source: Yimen County Public Security Bureau political work office — END — Source: Yimen policeAll videos, pictures and texts are not used for commercial purposes, if any infringement, please contact to delete

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