Binzhou Network Affair early known (2.7)

On February 6, Song Yongxiang, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, conducted on-site investigation and supervised the key work of epidemic prevention and control and environmental protection.He stressed the need to firmly implement the work strategy of “based on existing, moving forward, multiple barriers”, carefully implement all epidemic prevention and control and environmental protection measures in place, hold the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control and environmental protection, and create a good environment for the city’s economic and social development.Bi Zhiwei, Du Yujie and Lu Changjun attended relevant activities respectively.(source: Binzhou Daily) since February 6, binzhou area of the highway to meet the return peak near the Yellow River bridge, G18 Rongwu highway 613km-617km and highway exit traffic flow significantly increased.Binzhou public security reminds everyone: on the way back, overcrowding and overloading are strictly prohibited, and sorting out matters for attention on the return: plan the route in advance, check the weather in advance, do not stop at high speed, do not drive tired, do not speed, fasten your seat belt…After the Spring Festival, enterprises will resume production and work one after another. In order to ensure the smooth resumption of production and work after the Spring Festival, the Municipal Safety Commission office proposed to the entrepreneurs and employees of the city to do “six and one” :The main person in charge personally organized the “First class of commencement”, formulated a set of resumption plan, carried out a safety education and training, strictly implemented the safety operation rules, organized a comprehensive safety inspection, and formulated a set of emergency disposal plan.Didong Zhao Village, Bincheng District, through the establishment of agricultural professional cooperatives, explored and developed high-quality spring onion plantations, established green planting ideas, the use of steel structure greenhouse, improved the utilization rate of land, per mu benefit and total output.The increase in village income is expected to reach 4.5 million yuan, with an average increase of 5,000 yuan per villager.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on The evening of February 4, 2022.With the opening of the “China Gate” carved by ice and snow, athletes from all over the world marched in turn under the guidance of beautiful instructors.Among them, the guide of the British delegation jia Anru comes from Binzhou, Shandong Province. She studied in Beizhan Middle School and is now studying in the Musical Theater Department of Beijing Dance Academy.(Source: Binzhou Daily)

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