CBA difficult to solve the big inventory, Ma Shang signed the right, guangdong single section one point, each piece does not leave Guangdong

After 26 years of ups and downs in the CBA, the August 1st men’s Basketball team dominated the 1990s. Yao Ming took the championship from the August 1st men’s basketball team, Wang Zhizhi returned to China and yi Jianlian went to the NBA. Li Chunjiang, the godfather of Guangdong men’s basketball, established two dynasties, and Stephon Marbury came to the CBA to change the situation.CBA league from a dominant to a group of competitors, sichuan three foreign aid + off-field events won the championship and their fraud was expelled from the CBA fans shocked, the rise of the evil King Zhou Qi swept Guangdong led by Yi Jianlian, Liao Basket sleep on firewood and taste a successful dream;There are heroes in every era of CBA league. Wang Zhizhi, Liu Yudong and Li Nan’s 48-win streak of August 1 basketball team makes fans expect which club can end their winning streak.Yao Ming and Liu Yudong finals staged strong dialogue, small giant lonely defeat far to the NBA for further study, Zhu Fangyu three points rain, NBA96 golden generation of players Marbury four years three crowns eat and sleep guangdong, Marbury’s upper leg and Li Chunjiang on who are so malicious, Zhou Qi finals finger fracture is still injured to play,Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei became the backbone of the Chinese men’s basketball backcourt, four-word foreign aid Ding Yanyuhang reigning MVP of the regular season, the big boy Zhang Zhenlin’s exploding physical quality made fans amazed, CBA league external funds continue to influx, foreign aid dominate the game has been a foregone conclusion;There are brilliant and there are shady, this article leads the fans to review the CBA league riddle, each is as exciting as a spy movie, imagination!Jiangsu men’s basketball strange did not register for the strong foreign aid Ma Shang priority renewal right Jiangsu men’s basketball from the heyday of hu Weidong era to today’s all Chinese class fans regret, local players Tang Zhengdong, Hu Xuefeng, Yi Li, Meng Da are the proud son of an era!The regions with more than 10 CBA employees are as follows: Liaoning, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and Xinjiang;Only Jiangsu, one of the few southern clubs to produce CBA players, made it into the top 10.The current players such as Shen Zijie, Wang Yibo, Zhang Fan, Cheng Shuaipeng, Wang Zailu, Yuan Tangwen, Zhang Chengyu and Hou Yifan are all from Jiangsu.Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Club has a steady and firm vision in selecting foreign players, not to mention Oden Great. Radulika, Thompson, Kelly, Harris, Froman, Robinson, Collins, Spencer, Smith and other players are introduced to CBAS league by Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Club.2015-2016 season Jiangsu men’s basketball team successfully introduced the front and back swing Ma Shang – Brooks!The title of “Little Kobe” Marshang 2011 NBA draft, in the first round of the 25th pick was selected by the Boston Celtics, but Marshang’s NBA experience is not smooth, also did not play the fans expect “little Kobe”, constantly by the Nets, Celtics, Warriors, Lakers trade finally grizzlies end;Briefly joined the Italian league and was selected by jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team of THE CBA League.In 2015-2016, He averaged 35 points, 5.9 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 2.3 steals in 41.6 minutes per game. He shot 25.3 (13.4) from the field, shot 52.9% (3.7) from 3-point range and shot 84% (5.4) from free throw range.During the 2016-2017 season, he averaged 36.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.9 steals in 40.8 minutes per game, shooting 50% (13-26) from the field, 40.8% (9.5) from 3-point range and 82.3% (7.7) from free throw range.During the 2017-2018 season, he averaged 37.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, 5.7 assists, and 2.2 steals in 37.7 minutes per game, shooting 51.3% (13.9) from 27.1, 41.4% (4.3) from 3, and 81.6% (6.9) from free throws.Marshang in Jiangsu men’s basketball team to support the lower limit, control the fate of the team, and the data from the playing time decline and score rise into the comprehensive integration, in accordance with common sense in any case, Marshang is the only foreign aid jiangsu men’s basketball team must stay!But the success of the horse is in jiangsu men’s basketball team also let many club eye chan, also must try every means to undertake mining, but the CBA league in order to protect the interests of the club, and formulated the rules of the foreign aid priority right of renewal, if jiangsu men’s basketball team with prior contract rights locked ma shang – Brooks is easy, jiangsu men’s basketball team as long as according to the regulation of the CBA league,Give Him a 10% salary increase every season, and give him the official right of priority to renew his contract. Even if other clubs give Him 100 times more salary and other generous conditions, as long as Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team does not agree, It is impossible for Him to unilaterally break his contract for three years to sign with any CBA club.Therefore, jiangsu men’s basketball team as long as the use of Mashang Brooks in the CBA league priority extension right, then any team can not get The right to sign Mashang Brooks!On February 20, 2019, the Guangdong Tigers officially announced that they had signed A contract with The Jiangsu Provincial Men’s Basketball Team, which did not give marchan Brooks the right to renew his contract.Sports bureau in jiangsu, jiangsu men’s basketball club for lost a horse yet – Brooks’s priority right of renewal have no official reports, so ma shang – Brooks priority right of renewal is also became the first big mystery of CBA league, but when immediately jiangsu men’s basketball team coach Bessie los’s departure, general manager of jiangsu men’s basketball team Shi Linjie social media statements are true?Shi Linjie wishes Besilovich to leave Jiangsu for Coach Xi said: “Best wishes to Benitech, thank you for the five years of experience, it is a great honor to work with such a tough and high-level coach.Besides, I have carried Marchant’s pot for so many years. From this day on, I declare that I will not carry it.”From schlinjer’s remarks, it can be found that the previous fan group discussion is that Schlinjer forgot the marshang – Brooks extension right is not valid, the fundamental reason is that Besilovich does not like this kind of strong individual ability like to play alone foreign aid, Besilovich likes team basketball foreign aid!Do the fans agree?The doubts are as follows: 1. The Chinese agent of Mshang Brooks is Yang Yi, a well-known player in the basketball circle. Yang Yi has a very high status in the Chinese basketball circle, and there is no doubt that he has great energy.The salary of Mshang Brooks in Jiangsu Men’s Basketball team is not high, and the agent depends on the salary commission of foreign aid, so the salary of Mshang also determines how much the agent can earn. Therefore, Yang Yi plays a key role in the process of losing the right to renew the contract in order to maximize his personal interests.2, Donald Sloan is the Guangdong men’s basketball team three out three abandoned, besinovic what reason to choose Sloan instead of Marchant?Sloan has mediocre organization, flickering 3-point shooting, slow shooting speed and frequent blocked shots. The core is that Sloan is too old to keep up with the pace of the CBA, and can’t keep up with the pace of opponents when facing fast guards. Therefore, how can Sloan play basketball as a team make sense?Jerome Dyson is a player of Besilovich’s eldest son?Dyson only played 6 games in Jiangsu men’s basketball team, the data is normal, if it is The elder son of Besilovich is Dyson’s agent, then why jiangsu men’s basketball team also gave up him?This is totally unjustifiable!Therefore, the first unsolved mystery in the CBA league is that jiangsu men’s basketball team lost the right to renew the contract of Marshang Brooks, and also handed over to their arch-enemy Guangdong men’s basketball team for many years. Jiangsu men’s basketball team is really dumb to have bitter to say or there are other unspeakable secrets don’t know!Guangdong men’s basketball team in a single quarter will never be able to unlock iron bayi team internal reform hematopoietic function, no core competitiveness, in the Chinese basketball jianghu what events are not surprising, what guangdong basketball club “non-work time contact with the referee” was fined, jiangsu men’s basketball team, the xinjiang men’s basketball team coach are broke away the basket was puzzling to trim,Tianjin men’s basketball because of the “time back” and rushed to retreat when the mixed son, the national team staged a “sneer door”, but which events have no defending champion Guangdong men’s basketball and the flow of the team Fujian men’s basketball single quarter one point even bizarre!2008-2009 season, the 10th round of guangdong men’s basketball and Fujian men’s basketball strong and weak dialogue staged!No media and fans will doubt fujian men’s basketball miracle to defeat the defending champion Guangdong men’s basketball, the first three sections of the game is in accordance with the development of the formal script, Guangdong men’s basketball third quarter ended 90:79 fujian men’s basketball into the decider;Bizarre episode 1, decider guangdong men’s basketball team all the wave projection from the perimeter, 13 3-pointers in 0, intermediate 6 02, break through the basic is zero, killing more impossible, ultimately rely on foreign aid dust 2 single quarter 1 in 3, defensive non-existing, single section for fujian men’s basketball team had 35 points 4, once upon a time three leading 11 points,Until the final 15 points behind, there was no official disclosure of what was wrong with the game, such as gambling and eliminating Li Chunjiang, etc., are all statements without any evidence. From Li Chunjiang helplessly said: “Why is this?”Later, this old account will forever become old history, so this single section of a cold case has become the CBA league can never solve the puzzle!In CBA league history, li Qun of Guangdong men’s basketball team recorded a milestone that was incomprehensible to the media and fans. Li Qun of Guangdong men’s basketball team got 28 assists in a single game, surpassing China’s Jordan and Hu Weidong for the title of assists champion.In the 1999-2000 CBA League, Hu Weidong had already locked the scoring, three-point and steals Kings in advance after the last game of the regular season, and he also ranked 156 on the assists list.136 far ahead of Li Qun 20, according to Li Qun’s personal ability and average data, Li Qun wants to get more than 20 assists in the last game is simply more difficult than heaven, it can be said that this is China’s Jordan Hu Weidong is sure to win the title of four data!Wind and rain change!In the last game of Guangdong men’s basketball team against Nanjing Army, Li Qun actually got 28 assists, so he snatched the king of assists from Hu Weidong.The 28 assists made the media and fans very angry, among which the following questions can not be solved: 1, Guangdong men’s basketball team assists only 31 times, while Li Qun himself 28 times, which is a world record, Li Qun’s high energy assists can join the ranks of the first in the world?Guangdong men’s basketball team got 110 points in the whole game, while Li Qun got 18 points, 15 points from the free throw, and the rest 77 points came from assists. Do you believe it?However, history did not recur, Shanghai men’s basketball Team Liu Wei single game assists 9 to 16 times exceeded Jiangsu men’s basketball team Hu Xuefeng was investigated by the Chinese Basketball Association after the change, Hu Xuefeng did not encounter hu Weidong’s predicament!However, through the Chinese basketball Association change, you can see that the technology Taiwan fraud is a fact, there are also sichuan men’s basketball technology Taiwan fraud was degraded real events staged!However, according to the principle of dealing with interest groups and mud, li Qun’s 28 assists, which made history, are still the glory of CBA league, not fake!The truth can never be hidden!Historical torrent records these strange events, I believe that after many years, the conscience of the people who understand the inside is discovered, also will restore the original face of the event!Sincerely hope that the CBA league no bizarre incident, CBA league can become a real professional league, the fairness and justice of the CBA league also determine the height of the Chinese men’s basketball team, both managers and participants must be fear of sports spirit and ethics in order to win, to honor and to champion and make some infamous event out!

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