“Inside horizontal, outside of the girl, because parents made these mistakes, now change is not too late

Personality is the essence of people can’t see a person’s character determines the fate of his parents want to do for their children to cultivate a good character, good character can benefit children for life, but not all families can cultivate good character of children, some home grown children will have some character flaws, such as now it is common for children “wang nest, particularly outside”.Our family daughter leisurely grew up with grandpa’s grandmother, she was a child, my husband and I work is busy, didn’t tube her, then put her in the grandpa’s grandmother home, occasionally see a few times in the past, children in first grade, my husband and I think the city education is definitely better than the small town, and took her daughter to come back, still take parents-in-law together to take care of her daughter.At the beginning, Youyou didn’t kiss me and didn’t talk much in front of me. My husband and I thought this would not work, so we took time to take Youyou to the playground and bought her a Barbie doll. We doted on her very much and gradually recovered our relationship.This afternoon, Youyou and I were alone at home. My husband took his parents-in-law to get vaccinated. Youyou came to me and said:”Mom, I want sweet and sour ribs.” I said I didn’t know how to make sweet and sour ribs. Yo-yo hit me on the arm and mumbled something about bad mom, and she kicked the toy under her feet.In-laws come back, I didn’t ask them directly, to observe the leisurely attitude to them, leisurely to see the TV in the evening, her mother-in-law said leisurely have myopia, can’t watch TV, leisurely toward the mother-in-law is punched and kicked the mother-in-law can’t, give she turned on the TV, the mother-in-law let her shower, she didn’t want to wash, directly to scold her mother-in-law is the old witch,Her mother-in-law smiled and told her to take a bath.When I first came back, she was very nice in front of me. Because I was busy at work, I didn’t observe her carefully in front of my grandparents. The next morning, I got up and asked my mother-in-law if She often scolded her and hit and kicked her.”Nothing nothing, baby, baby don’t worry,” after breakfast, I took a leisurely stroll the park, a telephone call from the company leaders I let leisurely sitting on a bench waiting for me, next to the bench with two children in play, they saw the long hand caterpillar bread directly robbed in the past, I didn’t directly go past criticism that two children, I want to have a look at the long do,To my surprise, Youyou sat there motionless, completely confused, and I was sure that in fact, our youyou is a “wussy inside, wussy outside”.I called my sister, who is a child psychologist in a downtown hospital, and asked her why the child would be “timid and timid”. My sister was surprised to hear my words and asked me if Youyou was like this. I answered with difficulty, and my sister said:”This kind of situation you have to think of a way quickly, can’t drag on, general children form this kind of personality has these several reasons, you can see”.An excessive, parents spoil some parents very spoiled child, the child if in eye, soft touch to your child, thus lawlessness in children in their own home, what do you want to give to family members and kicks parents shouldn’t be punished because children hit their children, but outside, no one will unconditionally spoil their children, children if beat others,What you get may be a beating from others, so the child is so timid outside that he doesn’t dare to act rashly for fear of being beaten.Second, under the influence of parents have children this character because affected by the parents, many parents is “wang nest, outside the unintelligent”, wronged dare not out in the company, after go home to his family lost his temper, the bad temper to his family, parents are the first teachers of children, children will learn some behavior of the parents, if parents have such behavior,Must correct in time, cannot let the child learn this kind of behavior.Three, let children always curtilage at home, some parents like curtilage at home chase play, don’t like to go out, they will take their children together curtilage in the home, let the children watch TV, all seemingly warm there are many hidden dangers, children do not go out for a long time, the social ability will decline, they at home is a little overlord, but outside, met a stranger, a immediately became a new bag.After explaining the three possible reasons, my sister suggested that Youyou might be “timid and timid” because of the first one. In fact, I think so too. She should have developed this kind of personality when she was at her grandparents’ home.Grandma and grandpa for this baby granddaughter is very spoiled, almost is needed, the beginning of the long and I’m not familiar with, so don’t cross in front of me, be familiar with, I told the husband because of her guilt, almost responsive, she felt that my husband and I will be as unconditional spoil her grandma and grandpa, so she started to cross.As a parent, what should children do when they are “timid”?First, parents can not spoil their children, spoil is not good for children, children “wudinwai, outside” is actually one of the adverse effects of spoil will have, spoil also prone to a variety of “infrequently, grain is not divided” mother treasure, this kind of people do not even have the ability to take care of themselves.Two, parents to set an example, do not own “cowardly, outside”, children will learn their parents’ behavior, as parents, to set an example for children, to their own family better, more care, let children feel warm at the same time also learn this good quality.When children grow up, it is inevitable that there will be some bad character defects, such as “timid, timid outside”, parents should help children to correct, but this is only the first step to develop a good character for children.In life, children will inevitably appear other bad emotions, parents talk reason children do not listen, so how to help children deal with bad emotions, so as to form a good character?Sister recommended the “emotional intelligence ability training in painting the emotion management” to me, she said a lot of the book to her doctor’s parents bought here, a lot of people said the effect is good, let me try to long, the books can help children to manage emotions, cultivate eq, effectively improve the child’s “wang nest, particularly outside”.This set of books for 0 to 6 years old children compiled, targeted or picture book form, to know that children like to see the most is picture books, a total of confidence, self-improvement, courage, politeness, emotional control and other ten themes, children read this set of books, basically can learn to deal with some bad emotions in life,Such as tantrums, fear, anxiety, worry, envy, anger and other negative emotions.The books can help children to correct the child’s personality problems, such as “wang nest, particularly outside”, the children in the home not tousle, learned to get along with the family, not timid, outside know get along with others, the child’s “wang nest, outside the unintelligent” naturally got the correct, this book will help to cultivate a child’s character.Parents in need can click on the link below left left left our home leisurely read the books have changed a lot, that day she went to grandpa’s grandmother room apologized, said his temper tantrum at ordinary times, also play grandma and grandpa, after that, she seldom in temper tantrum, rarely hit people, “wang nest, outside the unintelligent” character is correct.

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