Many national tide shows “break the circle”, traditional culture shines in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger

The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation.If the Spring Festival Gala is a feast in this holiday feast, then this year’s Spring Festival gala in provincial provinces is a series of wonderful dishes.Although the flavor is different, but under the fine taste, but found a characteristic, that is to pay tribute to the tradition, carry forward the culture, this is the common background color.Following the popular year of the Ox Gala “Tang Palace Banquet”, Henan SATELLITE TV’s Year of the Tiger Gala continues to hold high the banner of traditional cultural inheritance and innovation, with the theme of “Tiger generates a Wave in China”, exploring fresh expressions of ancient culture.Dance “harvest” salute with spectacular moves on words, situational dance “the Yellow River mud doll” salute the cultural heritage clay sculpture in the memory of childhood, creative programs the world well-being, salute in the beautiful melody of traditional Chinese medicine culture, the next second is not a boxing of tai chi chuan, salute in time and space transform the natural nature of the tao to one of tai chi culture,”Lantern Red” pays tribute to the beauty of traditional craft and “Chinese red” by deconstructing the image of lantern, the symbol of the festival.The spring breeze blows, the tide surges, the provinces of Taiwan tiger Spring Festival Gala on the expression of the traditional culture vivid, brilliant.Dragon TV tiger Spring Festival gala with a virtual character “huai xiaoming,” innovation countries agitation songs, guangdong TV, the year of the tiger Spring Festival gala by pop singers perform joint orchestra, new Chinese big show the tiger lunar New Year “, hunan satellite TV the year of the tiger Spring Festival gala in traditional acrobatics “lanling warsong – ZhongFan”, “popular science” to the audience “ZhongFan” state-level non-material cultural heritage,Shandong SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala to “year” to everyone, reveal the secret of the intangible cultural heritage weifang paper cutting, Hainan SATELLITE TV Spring Festival gala created an acrobatic dance “Wine Hall · Spring”, tells the story of Su Shi in the beginning of spring season and the common people welcome the spring.Different from other platforms, henan TV’s Spring Festival Gala still doesn’t have a host. Instead, it uses cultural IP puppets hatched from the “Chinese Festivals” series to connect the programs.Since last year, Henan Radio and TV station has been keeping up with changes in cultural inheritance and innovating in communication means. It has launched 7 “Wonderful Tour” programs in succession, making the symbol of “Chinese Festival” a unique symbol of Henan TV station.Chinese traditional culture is so vast that I only take a ladle of “Chinese festival” to drink. I savor it carefully and slowly to drink out the essence of the taste and the value of inheritance.Some people ask where is the password, their success is to master what password?– Sincere love, confident identification and broad understanding of traditional Chinese culture.Everything comes into being, and only one knows how to keep its root.General Secretary Xi Jinping has said, “The fine traditional Chinese culture created and continued by the Chinese nation over thousands of years of history is the root and soul of the Chinese nation.”Meet the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, according to the “native Henan” fertile soil of the central Plains of the geographical location, strong wind and great tide of people and people, Henan Taiwan in carrying forward the Chinese culture, traditional culture, Yellow River culture, tell a good Chinese festival story on the road, brave bear responsibility without turning back.National rejuvenation needs cultural rejuvenation, and cultural rejuvenation adds luster to national rejuvenation.Traditional cultural innovation is full of vitality, and the demand for traditional culture is on the rise.The power of culture is infinite, under the background of The Times of surging tide of the country, including Henan Taiwan, cultural creation units throughout the country, in the pan if jing Hong transfer of cultural consciousness, in wan if you show cultural confidence, will be further in the Chinese civilization, Oriental aesthetics in the search for digging more profound and deeper content,We will tell the world a wonderful story that carries forward the Chinese spirit, gathers Chinese strength, and is full of Chinese flavor.

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