Tantan meets its hero

What is the ideal state of love?If I had to use one word, it would be warm, wen said.Two people do not have to say too much, do not have to do anything, just holding a cup of hot milk tea sitting together in the convenience store, quietly watching the snow falling outside the window, will be very relieved.Small yu is such a boy, he is wen Wen in tan Tan matching.Wen wen never dreamed that he could meet the ideal type on Tan Tan.Because Wen wen has high requirements for love, she does not want superficial intimacy, but expects the two people to communicate with each other.In other words, Wen Pays attention to his inner world and is always aware of warm things around him.Tantan is a platform for her to share what she has seen and a harbor for her to relax.Here, there are not so many external factors, the communication between people becomes real.It was at that time that her relationship with Xiaoyu began.In Wen’s view, the real world is often a place of chicken feathers, and it is rare to meet such gentle protagonists as in the movie plot.Nowadays, more and more couples just look close, but their hearts are far away from each other.When we get together, we will have official publicity, exchange pictures of lovers and bind a lot of relationships. We will send gifts to each other on festivals, eat, watch movies, go shopping and travel together, but there is little spiritual communication.As soon as you get to the deeper problems, it’s hard to go down.In fact, because each other have not walked into each other’s inner world, just floating surface contact.But with Xiaoyu, their love state satisfies Wen wen’s longing for love, which is exactly what she wants.The place where Xiaoyu lives is an old community, the house decoration is very warm, there is a semicircular outdoor balcony.Later, he and Wen grew flowers together, and in the evening, Yu and Wen would eat dinner on the balcony while watching the sunset. They rarely ordered takeout or looked at their phones while eating.After dinner, the room will be filled with sea of oranges, sunset Car, and comses, and the two will have a drink on the balcony, swaying casually to music when they get tipsy.Wen Wen, met her hero, but also live out their own look forward to.

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