The current stock market and property market are just like me when I was stuck in Hangzhou

Yesterday, Hangzhou confirmed another 18 cases, the first day of the holiday, I was preparing to go home, stuck in Hangzhou.After turning and turning and making 70 or 80 phone calls, the province, city, district, community, high-speed railway station and airport all firmly dissuaded me: don’t come back, malicious return home, either dissuade me to return or quarantine me.After struggling only despair, this Spring Festival, I was stranded in Hangzhou.Sad of more than saw an eye A unit, “wow” ground cried A sound.The tears in his eyes and the despair in his heart were no longer stretched.Last trading day of the year of the Ox.A mysterious force in the bottom of A shares, but simply did not hold.Nbi capital net sold 12.5 billion yuan, more than 27 billion yuan for two consecutive days.Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen component index continue to break, technical players mouth support again broken defense.Just wipe away tears, the notification bar ding Dong a ring – Financial Union news: two cities more than 3200 stocks rose to welcome the year of the Ox to close.Rise your sister, stop insulting people.No one wants to be with a 3,300-point outlaw.Bad, bad.It is suggested that the Shanghai Stock Exchange, shenzhen Stock Exchange and North Stock Exchange be separately classified as high-risk areas.26 before the opening of the market, the media, institutions called the market will reverse, who knows they are lying mouth.Securities Daily: We call on securities companies, fund companies and social security funds to take the main responsibility and erect the backbone of A shares!Shanghai News: “market bottom” is getting closer and closer.Financial union: the recent a-share downturn is only A temporary phenomenon, there is no need to scare themselves.For smart investors, be a firm “friend of time” and don’t be blinded by temporary fluctuations.Don’t force force is good, they A force force even fell two days, old niang fire is bigger, A shares from 6124 points fell to 3300 points 14 years, eyes have been blinded 14 years, you blow with your mouth every day can still go.An institution is more blunt: short-term peripheral markets become the most important factor in the disturbance of A shares, the government has A lot of steady growth tools are not used, the current position need not panic.No panic. No panic. Why are you running?A fall shout: basic face good, fellow countryman you don’t run.Trust the hammer.The stock market has broken my heart.Now can comfort me only the property market, I do not believe that the property market can negative me.Don’t believe the data: In December, the new housing construction area of 160 million square meters, down 31.2% year on year;The floor area of commercial housing sold fell 15.6 per cent year on year in December;Sales of commercial homes fell 17.8 per cent in December from a year earlier;From January 1 to 23, the transaction area of new commercial residential buildings in 100 cities across the country was 17.57 million square meters, compared with December 1-23, 2021, down 20%;Compared to January 1-23, 2021, it dropped 44 percent.On this basis, the transaction of new homes in 100 cities in January is expected to fall by about 20% month-on-month and 40% year-on-year.The official announcement in January lowered the 5-year LPR by 5 basis points, a lonely downgrade.It’s a good thing the leaders don’t blow their heads off.CBRC: to promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry through urban policies;Central Mom: Financial institutions have some stress reactions based on the judgment of the market situation and the evolution of risks. They have adjusted and will meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate in the future.Fage: Article 8 of the Notice on Promoting Consumption in the Near future is issued to promote the healthy development of housing consumption; Real estate sales maintained growth, and real estate investment continued to expand.Financial policies support urban housing demand, especially improvement demand.Each city does not give policy is good, a policy all rest.First-tier and second-tier cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou and many other places for the first suite mortgage loan interest rate to the lowest 4.9%, the fastest within a week;Third and fourth tier cities: nearly a month of Guilin, Jinjiang, Wuhu, Jingmen, Hengyang and other 20 cities out of the purchase “red envelope” to boost the property market.Now the property market, not to stimulate it, the more stimulate the more pull crotch.Ah, the stock market hurt the heart of shareholders, the property market hurt the heart of property, home town hurt the heart of the wandering, the stock market, the property market, home town together hurt the heart of water ice month.Year will come, home hopeless, unit building double disability.After four interest rate cuts, the stock market fell.Many positive flutter, the property market transaction does not rise anti – fall.Behind the failure of policy and the uselessness of water is the collapse of confidence.Investor confidence has been shattered, rebuilt, shattered, rebuilt again and again…This time, the good news has been swallowed up by external events, the rising dollar rate and the domestic economic situation.The war between Ukraine and Russia is on the verge of breaking out, and the situation across the Taiwan Strait is bubbling under the surface. The smell of gunpowder has scared the global capital market and also scared the global capital.On January 27th, the fed’s chairman, Jerome Powell, said an interest rate hike was likely in March, and all three indexes turned lower.French Lebanese Bank even predicts the Fed will raise interest rates six times this year.Beautiful country interest rate rise is imminent, A shares and do not want to be swept away profits, so I fell to worship first big A.The third factor is the domestic economic situation.In 2021, China’s GDP growth showed a stepwise decline. The growth rate of the second quarter was half that of the first, and the third quarter was 40% that of the second. In the fourth quarter, the growth rate almost exceeded 4%.He says the economy is on the mend, but his body is honest.The A-share market, which plummeted while releasing water, is similar to the U.S. stock market in 2020, which was cut off four times in 10 days while “cutting interest rates to zero + quantitative easing”.Also because of the inclusion of internal and external adverse factors, the market afraid, afraid of investors.It’s like the goddess you’ve been dreaming of but never paid any attention to, suddenly naked and clinging to your legs and offering herself to you, but you’re afraid to do it.Because, in the mind have no bottom ah.Now bottom, worry about rising but also to leek on the spread of a bubble urine fertilizer, and then cut a long time.After all, more than 78% of investors lost money in 2021, and only about 10% made money.What value investment, be the friend of time, fall is opportunity, listen enough, copy in the middle of a mountain narrowly escaped death who will save me?The confidence of the Stockholders has been shattered.There, too, the confidence of the possessed was shattered to pieces.The first ten months of the property market, has been shut up black house education, in September suddenly reversed the first mention of “two maintenance”, to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of housing consumers, the property market for the first time this year was not beaten.After a sigh of relief, a trial property tax was announced in October.Before there was time to worry, in November, and began to encourage the acquisition of housing enterprises;In December, the RRR and interest rate cuts came;Concentrated good breaking point in this month, 5-year LPR fell 0.5 percentage points, the CBRC, central mother, brother and other gods for the housing market spokesmen, hot cities heard the news and all kinds of tricks to encourage the purchase of houses.But yesterday, Xiamen suddenly announced to do a good job of real estate tax pilot landing preparatory work.Then retracted the announcement.To tell you the truth, it’s not that I don’t want to buy a house, but I dare not.Hit a stick to a jujube, repeatedly changing face of the property market policy, really afraid.Now the more good Shouting the louder, the more bottomless.I don’t know how long the favorable policy can last, and I don’t know when the policy will suddenly change its face, this jumping up and down policy, WE really can’t grasp it.New Year will come, unit floor double leak.With all due respect, it’s not that people don’t want to play, it’s just that they can’t afford it.On the one hand, approaching the Spring Festival holiday investment intention tightening;On the other hand, the release of water is slow and does not see the effect.Markets are like water. It takes time to cool when it’s hot, and it takes time to melt when it’s frozen.Now the market is a piece of ice, want to make it hot, a hot water pouring down, do not feel;A second stream of hot water went down and melted a little;When a third stream of hot water was applied, the ice began to melt significantly.It is said that the stock market is the barometer of the currency. I would say that the stock market should be the barometer of market expectations and the thermometer of the liquidity of the capital pool.And the real estate freeze, the capital pool is frozen more than half, want to open, dig a little bit of interest rate cut a little bit good enough?A shares can not afford, that the ice has not melted;That means the icebergs are still hibernating.But don’t be pessimistic.In the first and first half of this year, favorable policies, monetary easing will be one after another, a wave of higher waves.Until the ice melts and the iceberg wakes up.The current slump and precipitous decline are the result of delayed policy feedback and confidence.When a number of good news superimposed when the formation of resonance force.It will take time for confidence to repair and for markets to thaw.This year, it is still possible.Research: word long: last | medium-length | next spiral disintegration: last | medium-length | research: the next city chongqing: a line of research analysis | | city policy analysis four shore | | liangjiang concentrated soil take hangzhou: early warning analysis | | market housing purchase status | new lottery trend from | ring of Beijing:The cpmpany (on) | | male Ann male Ann (bottom) | | | north three county yan jiao xianghe Shanghai: big hongqiao | | regulation policy to improve home buyers | five new city suzhou: xi ‘an urban development | | property market analysis industrial park: urban development | | to choose urban planning to raise Suggestions chengdu: chengdu business | | property market analysis of wuhan city plate:Analysis | wuhan and chongqing city of nanjing, the property market situation analysis of tianjin: | plate school district room | market long sleeve triangle: ningbo, wenzhou, yiwu | | | | in jiaxing nantong | taizhou bay area: investment logic (on) | | dongguan dongguan (under) | foshan other cities: shijiazhuang

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