What thresholds need to be crossed for a successful foreign trade SOHO?

In 2003, I worked in SOHO for one year. However, IT is not SOHO in the full sense. It depends on a factory to do it, and the commission is taken from the factory.The amount of business in this year is not bad, and the income is also very good, so there is a lesson of failure to open a factory in the future.Three years later, WHEN I came back, I summed up some experiences and lessons of SOHO and shared them with foreign trade friends.Do not give customers directly to the factory, do not do their own unfamiliar industry.I often see and meet many friends on the Internet that SOHO cannot go on. In 2007, a friend told me on MSN that she had to end SOHO and go to work again.This can be fatal to a career.SOHO people go back to work and come out again in two years, just like me.SOHO has a threshold. You need to be able to walk across it.Otherwise, if your leg is too low, you’ll trip.So, what are the thresholds?It is clear to everyone why the supplier/customer places both in the first place.Without the support of suppliers, it is useless to have customers;With the support of suppliers and no customers, it takes a long time and a large amount of capital investment to develop customers. If this is not SOHO, you should start a company instead.This point will be ignored by many people, but when I start to do SOHO, I will have a deep experience, and even feel that suppliers are more difficult to develop than customers.We have experience in customer development before, but how many of you have a good relationship with suppliers while doing business?Generally speaking, when working in the company, the company will restrict the sales personnel from dealing with suppliers.Therefore, for our SOHO, suppliers are more difficult to develop than customers, which can only be understood by those who have done SOHO.Many orders are due to problems caused by factories. Only factories with good cooperation can bring good profits and customers.Such factories are also worth long-term cooperation, don’t change factories for that dime.Everyone wants higher profits, but also consider the risk of order operation for customers.I have been working in SOHO for nearly two years. One conclusion is that the profit is at a normal level and the factory will never be changed.If you look at the orders that have gone wrong, many of them are factory-related.After market segmentation, customers have been difficult to develop, do not kill customers because of the factory.02 products do special, but can not do extensive.Specialization, at least two to three years of experience in one product, is your advantage.If you need to find a supplier to help you explain the information sent by customers, you need to calm down and wait a few years before coming out.There is work to be done in every industry. Many people succeed, and of course some fail.Therefore, do not think their previous industry products are not good to do, ask now which industry is good to do?There’s so much competition.Do it.Trading companies, Hong Kong companies, their advantages over you, not to mention strength.Only do, customers will choose you.That’s your strength, and why customers choose you.I have learned a lot from DENNIS, one of my clients in Hong Kong, especially the attitude towards work.’Don’t always complain, just do it, do it right here,’ he said.Or, get out early.Complaining affects your mood as well as your work.You must decide whether to go or stay.If you think the first two points are ripe, you also need to consider the “entry point”.Because you come out, certainly is to compete with the original company customer, so, how do you let the customer choose you, but not choose the original company?Answering that question is half the battle.If the company signed a peer competition agreement, because of the company’s subsidies, can re – develop customers.The entry point is why customers choose you!04 The daily expenses of Silver and Determination SOHO, the activity funds of order operation, sample costs, etc., need to be taken into account. Calculate the total expenditure x 1.5= actual expenditure for a year.If you don’t have suppliers to support you, the money problem is huge.Use your brain. Borrow, but don’t borrow.Borrow “: someone invests in doing it with you, that’s the best.But the best condition is to have a clear profit distribution, so that the cooperation will last.If someone is only investing money and only taking profits, congratulations.Borrow: if the home condition is better, that have no so called, borrow out calculate share.But if the condition is not very good, or want to come to the money way.Resolution: Be determined to succeed. Don’t go back to work if you have to.Go back. You’re not in the right frame to work for someone else.Of course, if the position of business manager/marketing manager is waiting for you, consider it and be determined to fight to the death.One thing is, if any company has reached a bottleneck, let you break through, if not let you as the general manager, do not go, if you go, you will only be a tool, and will be treated as a “donkey off the mill”.Luck don’t hit me with bricks, I believe that everything needs luck, as long as you don’t give up, it will find you sooner or later.About SOHO, successful people have one thing in common: they have at least 3 years of working experience in business, which is the shortest time I think they can start SOHO.I started SOHO in my sixth year.So, what are the conditions for SOHO’s success?3 years and above foreign trade work experience to do foreign trade business, many people think that a year is a long time, ability has been promoted very good.To be honest, foreign trade has only been in its infancy for three years, according to my standards.Maybe a little bit higher, but that’s really how it works.In the first year, learn basic operations and processes, get familiar with products, and lay some foundation.In the second year, I entered the actual combat, independently developed customers, inquiry, quotation, proofing, order production and other aspects of communication, proficient in business operations and processes, this time is crucial to improve.In the third year, I will improve at a higher level: overall planning of foreign trade, find my own positioning, and learn how to serve customers well and create value space at a deeper level.As soon as you start doing foreign trade, you become complacent, and it is difficult to learn more.Don’t say SOHO, may be only foreign trade salesman, you can hardly do it.Therefore, SOHO is a higher stage of outstanding foreign trade business personnel.Without learning to walk, it is difficult to run.For staged things, we need to experience a lot of order operations, deal with different customers, and deal with different suppliers. When problems occur, we should be able to find solutions at any time.To get customers, but also to get factories.That’s when you’re ready.In addition to time, performance is also needed many people do foreign trade for three years or more, but they do not stay in each company for a long time, there is no performance in each place, basically did not let their boss earn too much money from themselves.If so, HOLD on.You need to fight for at least two more years to make your new boss some money first.And that’s the only way you can do it later.Because the more “ifs” you have, the farther away you are from success.If…I can do better.When we are in SOHO, resources are more scarce than when we are working part-time.There are more conditions and constraints.So, not so many “ifs”.In the company to concentrate on business can not produce performance, after SOHO, basically doubled the workload, or even more.Many people say, to do their own, no matter how hard also stand.Pretty good, come out, it is to do for oneself really, and much hard, won’t feel tired, but the reality is cruel so that you appear so weak.It’s not your hard work that makes you successful.Basically after the performance of SOHO, the success rate should be relatively high.Performance is everything.Orders are everything.I have a deep understanding of this in my second venture.Performance, anyway, money is a matter of earning more or less;And no performance, directly from the past.There was no old Ben to eat, so it closed.It is necessary to have a medium and long term plan from SOHO, to a one-man company, and then to recruit business personnel and merchandiser personnel.These three stages, do not force, but should be spontaneous.Without some foresight, one is bound to run into trouble afterwards.Make medium – and long-term plans and goals.Since it is a start-up, it must be very hard.And we’ll enjoy the hard work.Maybe that’s entrepreneurship.Don’t expect others to help you; help yourself.Therefore, only if you are strong enough, can you succeed.Medium – and long-term planning is based on a stable foundation.Couples are fine, not couples, or people you just met. It’s a time bomb.When it comes to cooperation, one person is always leading and the other is cooperating.If both of you want to take the lead, it’s better to suggest that you do it separately.Many things are not centered on one’s will.Oneself can be controlled, but the second person can only be influenced, and the degree of influence will be very small.I’m not so sure about cooperation.There are more people who brag, but fewer of them can actually do real things. That is why many people find problems once they cooperate and cannot solve them together.When it comes to profits, it’s not easy to talk.It takes a year or even two years for SOHO to achieve results. Many people think that SOHO can achieve results in a few months after seeing the success of many people on the post.This is wrong.And as I said earlier, those successful cases, because it took four, five, six years to build the foundation, and now success is just to change the previous beneficiary of the creation of value for themselves.The benefit is directed towards change.Money used to go into the boss’s wallet, now it goes into my own.The front did not help the boss to make money, the boss lost in that cry, and if you do yourself, you can only cry.My advice is to do SOHO for at least a year, which means you need to plan for a year and what you need to do.Results in a year, time should be about the same.Communication skills are important. Many people find it difficult to communicate with each other at the beginning of SOHO.If it’s easy to communicate, I don’t need you.This is just an opportunity. If the people in the factory are easy to communicate with, the customer will go directly to them.So, this is a process of transformation.To talk about some skills, and these skills are not said to do business one year or two years can learn.Everyone is doing foreign trade, out to do SOHO, more or less can get customers.But it’s not easy to say whether we can make a factory.And a lot of people die trying to get the factory done.- Overseas dry goods – foreign trade station – directions: foreign trade cattle research institute, VX public number to join foreign trade cattle, meet a good platform information source: easy foreign trade, import and export managers

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