Zhejiang Shaoxing, Yuecheng District, nucleic acid testing students on campus, there are changes!

“Drip — temperature normal!”On the first day of school, returning students walked to the thermometer as soon as they arrived at the school gate.At the beginning of the new semester, the school is also facing a “big test” of epidemic prevention and control.What epidemic prevention and control measures have been taken by schools in Shaoxing as the epidemic prevention and control has become normal?This Spring Festival, there is one task that teachers and parents are not missing for a single day.”We also require parents to submit their health codes, travel codes and nucleic acid reports every day,” he said.”One person one” health declaration has become a “required course” in every school.The first time to grasp the trend of students, parents, more conducive to the school screening students meet the requirements for admission.Behind the real-time ranking of all students is the powerful support of the data platform.Zhu, the principal of Tashan Central Primary School, showed the background of the school, where every parent uploaded the health code, travel code, nucleic acid report and other information, at a clear view in the background. Big data will conduct automatic screening, real-time audit, forming a full data closed loop of declaration and approval.In addition to holidays, real-time tracking has become an essential part of campus epidemic prevention.In Shan Zhongxin Primary school, students’ parents check their temperature, symptoms and health codes before going out. They fill out the “daily home three check form” and take the time to receive the check at the school gate.Similarly, in Tashan Central Primary School, morning temperature measurement, noon temperature measurement, home temperature measurement in the evening, three times a day health monitoring is also essential.”Do not let danger into the school gate”, guarding the campus “small gate” is the focus.Beihai Primary School, for example, strictly implements closed management and does not allow people from outside the school to enter.”Lock up campus security”, prevention is a very important step.As a result, many schools are holding quarantine drills.Wang, the principal of Lu Xun Primary School, told reporters that the school is considering conducting an epidemic prevention drill with professional departments such as disease control and prevention at the beginning of the new semester.Yangming Primary school organized an epidemic prevention drill for school staff before the school opened.Prevention is key, not clustering is even more important.In addition to advocating separate activities between classes and different meals for lunch, time sharing has become the standard of almost every school.Ji-shan Central Primary School adopts a staggered school timing system, which stipulates that 5th and 6th graders arrive at school from 7:40 to 8:00, 3rd and 4th graders from 8:00 to 8:20, 1st and 2nd graders from 8:20 to 8:40.In the interview, Yueniu news reporters also learned that regular nucleic acid testing on campus will be further normalized.The reporter contacted the related staff of the Education and Sports Bureau of Yueccheng District, who said that the requirements for nucleic acid testing on campus have been adjusted recently. The scope of nucleic acid testing has been expanded from the former primary and middle schools to primary and middle schools and kindergartens, and the number of nucleic acid testing has also been expanded from 50 to 10% of the school.”Nucleic acid testing is carried out by local health centers. We require 10% of the population in each school to take nucleic acid tests every month. Of course, this proportion may be dynamically adjusted.”Source: Yue Niu News

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